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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Holy Earthquake Batman!

So I ate my lovely lunch today around 1pm, a nice salad with good Jersey produce I took home and a nectarine, before heading outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

I was sitting on a bench reading my book. This bench was located on a sidewalk thing between two buildings. As I am reading I felt the ground rumble a bit, almost like a train was going by or something in the parking garage so I ignored it. Then I sort of realized my bench was swaying back and forth. I was like, "What the hell?" and everyone was looking around and then it really started. The buildings on either side of me started swaying and the windows were rattling like crazy! I jumped up and everyone in the plaza was panicked and then it stopped.

My heart was pounding and I am not going to lie, I thought it was an attack at first, a bomb or something, not an earthquake. All the buildings in the plaza had their fire alarms going off and everyone poured out of the buildings. I instantly tried to call my co-worker to tell her to come outside and my phone would not connect. Then I tried to text Ryan, my mom and my dad and they would not go through. Tried to call my mom and nothing.

Luckily my itouch got wireless from the building so I could update people via and email and dare I say it... facebook. I ended up receiving text messages but I could not respond to any, including the two from my mom asking if I was ok. Luckily my mother in law reached me all via email and got in touch with my mom and Ryan for me. We ended up waiting outside for about an hour before the fire deptartment said we could go back in at our own discretion.

Once we went upstairs, all six flights as we were not getting in the elevator, and checked for damages. Some things fell down but nothing big. Shawn, my boss, then sent Meghan and I home so I was pretty grateful. Then I realized as I was leaving my phone was working so I called my mom and then Ryan got a text to me, so I called him.

Here is the damage from the apartment... bad right? :P

Spices fell off the spice rack and the mint leaves broke the cap, I cleaned it up quick.

My Recipe for a Marine Wife sign fell off the wall and into the sink.

And that's it! I survived (: No aftershocks here and hopefully none will happen. Hope everyone else is ok, and thank you to all who checked in on me! I appreciated it.


  1. I'm so glad that you are alright! That would have definitely freaked me out if that happened. Glad nothing was damaged at your house!

  2. Glad you're okay! We felt it up here in Jersey too....so crazy!!

  3. We felt the earthquake all the way in West Virginia! What a crazy day! Glad you are ok! I hate earthquakes…I was in a 7.1 earthquake in California years ago among many others. Scary stuff!


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