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Friday, April 8, 2011

Facts 26-100!

Better late than never...Link up!

26. I work for an Executive Office Suites company.
27. 98% of the time I enjoy it.
28. Our clients are (for the most part) very kind and fun. I was shocked to get Christmas presents!
29. I smoke. Yes. I know. Ick.
30. I am addicted to chocolate. Milk chocolate, especially when combined with peanut butter, is ah-mazing.
31. My husband proposed to me during Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, the fireworks show at EPCOT. I love fireworks.
32. I took painting classes and drawing classes as a kid.
33. Which led me to be a scenic painter throughout college.
34. But I am not very good.
35. My grandfather, Papa, was though. He used to watch Bob Ross and paint along.

36. One of his paintings hangs in the hallway of our apartment right near the front door... my Papa, not Bob Ross.
37. I love baseball. I bleed pinstripes (Go Yanks!) and support the Nationals as a new home town sort of thing over the past 5 years.
38. I may as well add, Go Giants! Go Gamecocks! Go Devils!
39. I love to read. My kindle rocks my socks off.
40. Ok so I am a total dork for loving Harry Potter.
41. But in my defense I started reading the series when I was 11.
42. And I read the 2nd book first because that one for some reason I think was released sooner or more available in the US.
43. My mom sneaked it into my trunk for sleep away camp. She told me it was about a “Boy who is a wizard and a detective”. Not quite mom. I didn’t want to read it, but I got bored and opened it and was hooked from then on.
44. I even like the movies. If I don’t compare them to the books too much in my head!
45. So I must must MUST go to Harry Potter World. Soon.

46. My car is a 97 Ford Taurus with over 227,200 miles on it. His name is Terrance.
47. I absolutely abhor being micromanaged.
48. And I do not take criticism, even constructive, very well.
49. I am a berry fiend. Strawberries are the best of the best, but I am also a lover of blackberries, raspberries, mulberries, blueberries… any and all berries.
50. I met my best friend in sixth grade during a Girl Scout sleepover.
51. We were making swordfish bead keychains and I couldn’t get the sword part of mine right. So Sam helped me.
52. I never knew how to wear make up when I was younger. The first time a girl tried to help me I put concealer on my lips thinking it was lipstick. Hot.
53. Actually, I still have no idea how to do make up very well…
54. But I do like my eyelashes. On the rare occasion that I wear mascara they look cool. Except when I can see them on the top line of my vision. That gets old.
55. I drink one sugar free redbull a day to get myself going.
56. My husband recently got us a berretta 9 mil. We go shootin’

57. I love playing Words with Friends on my iTouch. Play me! imyewneek
58. Cold weather and I are done. I am so ready for summer.
59. But I do love wearing my boots!
60. Same goes for rain. And my galoshes with the little cherries on them.
61. I have fifteen first cousins. Two of whom have recently had babies. Kimmie and Gabriel. Aren’t they precious??

62. Unfortunately I do not tan. I burn and then peel and somehow end up whiter than when I started.
63. I am a mutt. I am a mixture of Irish, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Slovakian, and Czech. There is the possibility of a smidgen of Ukranian in there too. Basically all of western Europe and Ireland.
64. And I can sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in Polish. We do at every birthday on my mom’s side of the family. Sto lat!
65. But my husband is English, French and Cherokee, so our kids are going to be muttier mutts than me!
66. By the way, for the slight amount of Cherokee my husband has he does have to die for cheek bones!
67. My dream home is a Victorian. I want a wrap around porch, at least one round tower room, and a window seat.
68. When I was a kid I knew the name of almost every dinosaur. Including their scientific names. I wanted to be a paleontologist and at 6 would force myself to watch Jurassic Park. Just in case. Even if I was behind the arm chair with the TV muted while the T-Rex roared.
69. They are still one of my favorite things to see in museums.
70. Crossword puzzles are one of my favorite things to do.
71. Did I mention I want to travel? Ok I did, but I would love to have a job that allowed me to travel internationally.
72. And I want to win an Oscar. Dream big right? Haha.
73. Josh Groban reduces me to a puddle of mush.
74. I hated country music when I was a kid. I think because my parents played it on Saturdays when we would clean, so I associated one with the other.
75. On our second date this song came on in the car and I was singing along. Ryan was shocked since I told him I hate country music but I knew it. After that I gave it a chance and now it is all I listen too.

76. Once I won concert tickets on the radio. To Coldplay. I took Ryan and it ended up being his first concert. Ever.
77. My first date with my husband was to Ruby Tuesday’s in Chinatown and then seeing Baby Mama.
78. He called me at 2am the night after our date because he really wanted to arrange date number two. I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming.
79. My husband’s ringtone on my phone is Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey. The first time he went home with me we were on the train and he was listening to my iPod and teasing me for not having the song. I had it on my laptop, just not the iPod. When my mom picked us up at the train station it was playing on the radio in the car. Anytime we got in the car that weekend it came on… it was a Journey tribute weekend. He’s had it ever since.
80. We already know what our first child will be named whether it is a boy or girl. Both names have strong family ties.
81. We also know what we want to name our first dog. Hint, it may or may not be a combination of our names in some way, shape, or form.
82. I took a cake decorating class with my mom and her best friend Fran before I went to college. We made my grandparents’ 60th anniversary wedding cake.

83. I want to learn to speak Italian.
84. I took Spanish from elementary school through college. I understand a lot more than I can speak. And that is still not a lot.
85. I love Etsy and I wish I was creative enough to have my own shop on there.
86. My mom told me I should be a flight attendant so I could travel. I think I would be the next flight attendant you’d hear about jumping off the emergency slide if I ever took that job.
87. Red roses and sunflowers are my favorite flowers.
88. Our apartment is right on top of the boiler room, so it is always hot in the winter. We never once turned on our heat and had windows open and the air conditioner running. All. Winter.
89. My first concert was when I was in 7th grade, N*SYNC at Giant Stadium. I remember BBMack was one of the opening acts.
90. I wanted to cry at my 8th grade dinner dance since no one asked me to dance. The last song of the evening I had gotten caught in the middle of the dance floor dancing with friends for a slow song when it changed. My friends paired off and I felt horrible stuck in the middle of the floor. Then Alex W. saw me and asked me to dance. I will never, ever forget that gesture of kindness.
91. I also had a double (inner and outer) ear infection starting that night and almost had to miss graduation so I could go to the doctor to get better. It was one of those half days that school was just graduation practice and I had to last til 11am to graduate that night. I laid in the nurse’s office for the majority of it.
92. My ears suck, I hope my kids never have them. I got swimmers ear at least twice a summer and had to wear ear plugs all the time. I still have to pour drops in my ears anytime I swim or I get an ear infection. I even perforated my ear drum when I was five since it was so bad.
93. Plus I had to have a pallet expander and braces and retainers. And I am missing my eye teeth. They never came in, as baby teeth or adult. Let’s hope my kids don’t get my teeth either.
94. My laptop in college was named Marty. As in Marty from Back to the Future. My iPod then became Marty Jr. When Ryan and I got a new laptop we named it Biff.
95. I can touch my tongue to my nose. Not the fake out way either, for real.

96. I can also fold my tongue into a clam/flowery shape.
97. My husband and I have been watching the Cosby Show on Netflix lately, and I feel like I keep getting glimpses of my future for my husband’s parenting skills…
98. Ryan and I are very opposite; he is the peanut butter to my jelly. In so so many ways.
99. I cannot for the life of me drive a stick shift. I hate it. Ryan is trying to force me to keep trying since his car is manual. Ugh.
100. I am a nervous wreck over this re-enlistment disaster.


  1. I just added you on Words with Friends (Mrs_Bear)! I love that game too!


  2. I am a total Harry Potter nerd! I love it!

  3. It's so much fun learning more about you :)

    Also, I gave you an award! http://www.turnforthenurse.com/2011/04/im-so-faaaaaaabulous-dahhling.html

  4. There were like a million things I wanted to comment on, so lets see if I remember..
    1. Didn't you quit smoking? Either way, it's NOT easy and I wish you the best of luck if you try again in the future!
    2. Harry Potter is the bomb diggity-- and I read the second book first also.
    3. You and Ryan are adorable, and your relationship is inspiring.
    4. The dinner dance was uber awkward-- I'm glad Alex made it better for you! That's so nice!
    5. I TOTALLY went to the TV Land awards last night and was sitting a table away from the entire Cosby cast. Good times.

    Let me know next time you're in NJ-- I would love to get together again!


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