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Monday, November 28, 2011


Our plans for Thanksgiving changed multiple times in the time leading up to the holiday, but in the end we had a terrific time together with lots of food, family and friends.

Unfortunately Ryan could not get out of 29 Palms until after class on Wednesday, which basically meant a whole lot of Marines were flying through Palm Springs, Phoenix and even with him in Charlotte! My husband was on a 10pm (his time) flight and did not land in DC until 10am my time. Plus two change overs along the way. That is love.

I got him at the airport and we started the four hour drive to my grandparents' house. And by we started I mean I drove and he slept! Traffic wasn't too bad for Thanksgiving, there was a car break down in the Fort McHenry tunnel, which really sucks considering it is only two lanes, and there was some back up on the NJ Turnpike, but we made it just before 3pm.

Food. Oh man was there food!

Turkey, cornbread, stuffing, cranberry horseradish, stuffed mushrooms, rutebega, gravy, brussel sprouts macaroni and cheese... and that isn't even counting dessert!

My Dad's plum wine, my apple pie (the flower looking one in the picture), two other apple pies, ricotta pie, pumpkin pie, grapes, more wine... it just went on and on!

I look more jetlagged than he does :P


It was great to see my mom and dad and my brother, even my dog, again. Babci and Poppy as well as one set of Aunt/Uncle/Cousins. Football was watched, champagne was opened and it was a terrific time.

Totem pole? I have no idea what we were doing!

Three generations. My cousin Jill and her mom Joan (one of my mom's sisters), Babci, Mom and Me

Me and Dippy. As my mom said we now have the same colored hair!

LOVE this picture. Babci and Poppy with Ryan and I.

The next day we slept in and spent some more time with Babci and Poppy before getting on the road back to the part of Jersey I was originally from. We stopped by our dear friends Fran and Rob (and Chris and Nicole and Cocoa) for a delicious lunch/dinner that made me so glad I am from Jersey! Sausage and Pepper sandwiches! Also baked macaroni, nachoes, cucumbers and lots of left over Halloween candy. Stuffed.

Then we got back in the car and drove home... Ryan helped this time!

When we got home that night our neighbor Adam got revenge. If you read our Mischief Night story it makes more sense!

Balloons. All taped and netted to our door! It took me forever to pop them all and clean up!

Saturday we slept in, grabbed lunch at ihop, and went and saw the Muppets movie. Hysterical! It was also supremely gorgeous all weekend so we went to the park and watched the sunset. Being by the river and it nearly 70 explains how I have mosquito bites on my ankles. In November.

You may remember we watched the Gamecocks Rivalry game against Clemsucksson and kicked butt! After that we enjoyed many reruns of Storage Wars on Netflix before crawling into bed quite late.

Which made us almost oversleep Sunday. Ryan had to be at the airport for a flight at 2pm, and we barely got out of bed by noon! By the time we showered, got his stuff together and to the airport it was almost 1! Of course I had to cry saying goodbye to him, it never gets any easier, and I spent the rest of the day grocery shopping, making Christmas cards via Shutterfly, and watching Chick Flicks.

Man I miss him already! Three more weeks until Christmas!


  1. Glad he came home for Thanksgiving and glad you all had a good one!! Christmas isn't too far away :)

  2. Looks like a wonderful holiday. Have a great weekend!


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