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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Swooooon Josh!

Of course a video from last night has to be for the Thursday Link Up!!

He performed this song, February Song, from the 'B' Stage, about four rows behind me!!! Love it love it love it!

Opening act ELEW, awesome.

Antoinette and I

Hey Josh!

Chattin with the crowd

Gosh I love my hubby for getting me this camera!

LOVE the lights

Oceano, can you spot the Josh sillouette?

"Hey, is that Budweiser??"



Q & A from the crowd, "Time to open the box of chocolates and see where the nuts are!"

Singing Happy Birthday to someone, why didn't I think of that?!


More lighting love from the B Stage


Soulful singing :P

Back on the main stage

Lucky ducks chosen to go on stage, a couple married 19 years and two 'single' ladies all got wine. Except the 20 year old who got a glass of milk!

Encore - Play Me

Encore explaining there is no gospel choir this time for you Raise Me Up so we all better sing along




Thank you DC!

Perfect way to end the night!


  1. He is unbelievable. Great pics, awesome video, I've been swooning all morning!

  2. OMGosh!!!!!! Serioulsy jealous! It looked like such an amazing concert. His voice is amazing!!! Love him! And heck women...you had some awesome seats yourself!

  3. Wow. You know, I haven't jumped on the Josh Groban train yet. But I think that is because I have yet to really hear any of his songs.

    And now that I have, (thank you) HOLY COW he is AMAZING! Can we say, I am OBSESSED with this song now. Gorgeous.

  4. i don't really follow josh groban, but looks like you had a great time!!!

  5. I love love love your pictures of Josh.....I am so excited for the NJ concert on Tuesday night. And what a way to end the night red velvet cupcakes....yum! Love you

  6. Love the pictures. Josh is very photogenic! :) And so are you my dear! So jealous that you got to see ELEW too!


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