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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Neighbors

My neighbors have been amazing since Ryan has left. They keep me occupied! There have been many nights spent sitting outside or having a bottle of wine. Carrie and I have gotten pretty close with walks to King Street and Chick Flicks. Last Saturday we went up to Mount Vernon for lunch and to walk around. I may have gotten a little picture happy too!

We had some delicious root beer at the restaurant and I coupled mine with some amazing veggie soup and a BLT. YUM. Then we went and walked around outside and saw the animals and the house.

Baby piggie! It was so cute, but sadly I could not get a better picture. Take my word for it.

Big piggies.

A mule (SO cute) and a horse... gorgeous aren't they?

Some peaches were on the tree. I was surprised, I couldn't believe they grew so well this far north.

It rained later in the day but when the clouds moved in it was quite pretty.

Some pears were out too!

Cardinal!!! It was so close, quite beautiful.

Mount Vernon... George's house.

I love this tree. Something happened with my camera and it got pretty dark for the next few... Wrong setting I suppose :(

Cloudy sky but gorgeous

George's house

Carrie and I, hanging out in George's backyard

View from the Portico

The blacksmith, man it was hot in there!

Bees in the sunflower, so close! *shudder*

Butterflies... much more my speed

Bourgen... Borgen... *googles* bourgainvillea.

Carrie snapping away

This guy... he adored Carrie. He talked to us on the portico for ages. Then we were hot so we went through the gardens and went to see the greenhouse. The greenhouse was actually an airconditioned room (hallelujiah) but guess who was sitting there?

Trees? Ivy? Both?

Memorial for all the slaves at Mount Vernon.

American flag

The Potomac

Some corn!!

Basically I have been trying to stay busy. I borrow Molly for sleepovers, like tonight, and having girls nights like last night. Smoothies and thai food were involved. Every night I call Ryan and before I know it is midnight and I am passing out. It has been hard to get up in the morning but it is so worth it.

And guess what?


Labor Day weekend.

Ryan and I are spending four days together in Vegas. I found a great deal on AirTran and an awesome deal on a hotel on the AAA website. It is waaaay cheaper for us to fly into there and spend the weekend than for me to go to Palm Springs and see him, so he will rent a car on base and we will have a blast. I am so excited. And I get to see him up to two days before my birthday which makes me deliriously happy.

The first year we dated he was on restriction in the barracks for my birthday, so I didn't see him. The second year he was in Iraq, can't blame him for that. Last year we actually spent it together! This year, he is in California. Sigh. So two days early or not, I will take it.

Sorry my blog has been slacking. Work has been hectic, VP coming next week plus an intern for the week using my computer, and I am triyng to avoid being home too much. I will get better, I promise!

So in the spirit of that, for the link up with Goodnight Moon, I think this is more than appropriate! (:


  1. Love this song! I hope you have a great day :)

  2. I'm excited you get to visit him!!

  3. Silly Allie peaches grow in the north even in NJ.....made many a peach cobbler & pie after going peach picking this time of year to be exact!
    Love your pictures and love you!


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