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Monday, June 6, 2011

Fried Oreos

This is a pre-scheduled post, the hubby and I are loungin' in the sun in Myrtle Beach!

When Ryan re-enlisted we decided to have a celebratory bbq with steaks and friends to let loose. Of course we invited everyone to the park near our house (since an apartment is not ideal for grilling) where grills were abundant. Well apparently they were, but they vanished. In the week between our visits the grills were ALL removed! Luckily Russ and Lauren were awesome and invited us all to their house for use of kitchen and grill.

We had a blast and Lauren had the best idea for a dessert.... fried oreos!!! Her neighbor Michele was there helping too.

They are pretty easy to make!

If you buy some pancake batter mix (the kind that takes milk and eggs, not just instant with water, is much better.... we used water mix and ended up adding milk and eggs to thicken it) and make the batter according to the instructions on the box, you are basically ready. Add some chocolate syrup, vanilla, and cinnamon to the batter and whisk well.

Heat up so oil on the stove and then grab your oreos. We used double stuffed, much better. We then dipped the oreos in the batter, put them on a spoon, and dropped them in the oil. The oreo will sink to the bottom then float back to the top. With the spoon turn the oreo over a few times until it is nice and brown. Add some powdered sugar and you're ready for a nice summer treat. We even used the left over batter to attempt to make funnel cake. It didn''t look perfect, but it was delicious.

Look and see!

Michele has very good oreo spinning technique!
I was the dunker
Make sure to cover it in the batter!
Funnel cake!!
Our first oreo versus our later oreos.... the batter with just water was too thin, adding more powder, milk, and eggs fluffed it out. If your oreos aren't perfect just experiment. You will figure it out!
See? YUM! It makes me think Jersey Shore and boardwalk, where I always had them. I will so be making these again! Serve right away and enjoy.


  1. Woah, sooo cool! Definitely making that today :)

  2. Are you serious? That sounds delicious!!!!! Yum yum.

  3. I absolutely looooove fried oreos! They are absolutely delicious (so bad for you!) but oooo so good! :)

  4. ahhhh my husband and I LOVE fried oreos when we go to fairs or carnivals. We have never tried making them at home but we do own a deep fryer. This may be in the future...

  5. I am soooo making these soon!

  6. I just recently had my first fried oreos... they were delicious!


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