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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Independence!

Since I only have my little camera at work with me (and for once it is mercifully slow) I will give a mini update of our weekend! Friday we went and saw Transformers 3 and had dinner out. There was almost a fight in the theatre (over seats being saved) that just boggled my mind. People scare me. Honestly.

Saturday we got Molly! We are dogsitting her until the 13th and I do love having her around. We went to a BBQ at our friends' Russ and Lauren's house and took Molly along. She was terrific. I also made an apple pie for the occassion that went over pretty well.

Sunday was church, lunch and a nap. I felt like I was sixty years old napping for two hours in the middle of the day! We were going to go to the dress rehearsal of the Capital Fourth Concert but it ended up pouring rain so we decided against it. Low key evening really! Until the fireworks! The golf course next to us shot them off Sunday night and literally standing in our parking lot we had an amazing view. Once those finished the National Harbor across the river started. So we crossed the street and went around the other apartment building and had a clear shot straight across the river. Two shows, no hassle no traffic, perfect.

Monday we got up early for us (on a day off) around 9:30 and decided to go up to Mount Vernon with Molly. We have season passes and we've already seen the house so we thought we would just walk around. I knew it would be crowded, but man oh man was that place mobbed! We had to park over a mile away and walk! We ended up having a nice time even though it was pretty warm.

Have you ever seen day time fireworks before?? I had no idea these things existed! They had colorful poofs of smoke that went off with a bang and left trails, it was pretty awesome! The shot off some regular ones with them too.

They also had free birthday cake (YAY America!). And it was good!

And of course re-enactors. Molly enjoyed watching them.

Must have been boiling in those costumes!

Molly was not as fond of the big animals as she was the re-enactors. The sheep scared the bejeezus out of her when she realized they could move! Same with the horse.

From far away early in the day she wanted to go play and see...

But once we got closer she completely changed her mind!

And a few other random pictures from that afternoon...

The House itself, Mount Vernon. Currently the exterior is being redone, normally it is a gorgeous white color and looks brick... it is done by mixing sand with the paint to acheive the texture of brick without the cost or labor!

SO so crowded. Check out the masses of people milling around. That is pretty far from the house too.
Sunglasses make the heat more bearable :P
SUCH a cool camera. I wanted to play with it but I knew I'd get in trouble!
Canon! BOOM! .... eloquent much? Sorry.

We went to the barracks later that night for fireworks, I will post pictures of that later! I hope you all had a great long weekend (:

(PS - My 2 year blogaversary was July 1st. I cannot believe I missed it!!!!! Ugh. Anyone want to help me with a little give away to celebrate? Let me know!)


  1. Sounds like a nice weekend! And free cake is always great :)

  2. Mixing sand and paint to make bricks....I miss painting with you.


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