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Friday, May 27, 2011

Snake on a ... Wall??

Last night Ryan went shooting with one of our neighbors. When he and Mike got back Mike's wife Courtney came out with their son Liam and we all sat outside enjoying the beautiful evening and a beer. I was sitting on a blanket with Courtney when we notice the guys are staring up at a second story window on the side of the building.

We asked them what they were looking at and they quickly said, "Nothing nothing." So Courtney and I get curious and may have even yelled at them slightly, asking if they were being perverted. They said they weren't. I got up and walked around the tree and looked up and saw this....

And looking closer... a snake!

I ran in and got my camera to get this better look. From afar snakes don't bother me. I am waaaay more afraid of bees/wasps/hornets/stinging things/jellyfish than I am of snakes.

He was really long!!!! The guys thought it was a King Snake but now they are not so sure....

Ryan took this one, he was proud of the curl it had going!

Now this is why they are unsure... the colors on the bottom. We thought King Snakes were all black but maybe not?

He was crawling around in the grout of the brick!

Even in a stair case pattern!!!!!

Courtney wasn't too happy it was coming back down.

Ryan went closer and got these. Snakes don't really bother me, but I am not about to walk right up to it and flash a bright light in its eyes!! My husband can do that.

Worked well though, the snake was quite photogenic! Especially considering some guy walked by and asked us if it was our pet. Why in the world would we have a pet snake that we let loose on the building?!

Still, how often do you get a shot like that?

I guess that is what we get for living so close to the river! I can tell you this though.... our windows will be closed for awhile. I am ok with it outside, but if it got in the apartment I wouldn't be so calm!!!

Ryan is working late (hooray parades) and I am going to hang out with my friend (and bridesmaid) Cat. It has been way too long since we have hung out! Then Ryan heads to SC tomorrow. I'll miss the bugger! Its been ages since I've had to deal with him not being around. Not complaining at all, I know a long weekend is nothing, but it will be weird not having him around! The past year we really haven't encountered that and I got pretty spoiled. I got to get used to it. School is approaching and he will be off to school 3,000 miles away for six months. Then I know deployments will follow. Back to the grind indeed....


  1. Oh. My. God! I would freak if that was my house. I would be afraid of it getting inside. But great shots!!

  2. Creepy creepy! But still pretty cool how it slithered in the grooves of the brick!

  3. Looks like a black rat snake... very cool pics!

  4. That's crazy! Never seen anything like this... I'm pretty sure the guys are right about it being a king snake [http://www.dgif.virginia.gov/wildlife/information/?s=030030]. Sorry about what's coming up, separations no matter how long always take something away.

  5. That would have been so fun to see in person! I'm your summer swap partner by the way.

    For some reason blogger won't let me follow you, but my email is samamcdonald87@hotmail.com.

    Samantha aka Navy Doll


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