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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So I decided I wanted to do a small change. I have dyed my hair once before (back in 2008 when Ryan and I were first dating) and everyone but me pretty much hated it. Ok, it was a little RED if you know what I mean, but I liked it. This time I went a little more subdued I think... but it is a big change for me! And thank you Carrie for helping me do it... and by helping me I mean basically actually doing it! Personally I love it, maybe you all will too?




These last two pictures are a little more of what my hair really looks like. Without the flash it looks almost purpley but with it you can see it is a nice reddish brown. It is a temporary dye, a good 30 washes or so, and if it gets too icky in the transition back I will splurge the $8 needed for OOPS Dye Away and be back to blonde!

My mother of course hates it.

Surprisingly, Ryan loves it! I sent him two pictures swearing it was temporary and I could change it back before the ball if need be. He then simply said, "More pics please." So I sent more and he loved it! Since his first school ends October 11th and he has a few weeks before his next school starts he is COMING HOME! For 2 weeks! I am so excited. I told him he would see my hair in person then but it would probably be a little lighter.

"So.... will you do it again so I can really see it?"

Not even false flattery, the hubby digs the reddish brown! Maybe he had a thing for brunettes/redheads all along... :P

People at work are funny, doing double takes and making comments ranging from they "love it" to "it's interesting". Most reviews so far are positive though!

I thought it would be a nice Fall change... what do you think???


  1. Looks great!! I really like it!

  2. The only time I've "dyed" my hair was with the wash-out dye. I'm not committed enough to actually dye it, haha. I think it looks awesome on you! =)

  3. Looks great! Yayy for Ryan coming home!!!


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