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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Retrospect

Another year in retrospect! Every year I try to post a blog entry with a basic list of what happened this year. I try not to get too into it, but there are links to past posts from 2013 and of course some pictures!

You can see my past posts here:

Let’s start from the beginning shall we?



We rang in the New Year with Nicole from Flip Flop and Combat Boots and a few friends.
I completely freaked out about having my wisdom teeth removed!

We had a freakishly warm day so we went to the beach with the Dup and some friends

I finally got to film as an extra for the TV Show Revolution. It was fun, but freezing!

I decided to start the Couch 2 5k Workout program… I made it less than a month. Fail, I know.
After 10 months of waiting I also finally got a job in Jacksonville!!

One of my costumes on Revolution


View from my new job training
I got cast in Moliere’s The Doctor In Spite of Himself at the community college.
For a change I blogged about something really deep for me, Faith and Love.

I was basically settling into a new job at the library, rehearsing a show, and trying to keep up the house… blogging slacked a lot this month!
Ryan also began Sergeant’s Course.


I did a Doctor Who MarchMadness where I linked up/blogged every day leading up to Season 7. My Mom said she was so tired of reading them that she was ecstatic when I finished. Thanks Mom.
I was absolutely mortified when a picture of my Poppy and I at the USMC Ball went viral on a popular Facebook page accompanying a crass joke. I had to fight (with my copyright) to get it removed. Facebook was zero help whatsoever and the admins of said page were terrible. I felt sick over it for days and it was finally removed, but that doesn’t help when 20,000+ people already saw your humiliation.

Mom and Stefan came over and we hosted our first Easter in our new house.


I went to my first ever circus!
The show finally went on at the college. We had some hiccups opening night but that tends to happen to us so we just rolled with it!

Ryan finally graduated from Sergeant’s Course!

Right after Ryan graduates his unit goes into the field and the Dup eats our dining room chair! Luckily it is covered under warranty.


We celebrate our third wedding anniversary!
The episode I am an extra in for Revolution airs on TV.

I blog truthfully about being lonely.
We celebrate Mother’s Day in South Carolina with my Mother in Law and a WineWalk.
I get the crazy idea to completely blog what I do all day in my A Day in the Life post!


I catch my first cold in about 3 years. Yes that seemed worthy enough to blog about!
We drive up to NJ to visit my grandparents since Poppy is the Grand Marshall in our hometown parade. I was so so so so proud! (Technically May-June!)
Ryan and I spend a day together in NYC with my cousin. We visit Chipotle, the 9/11 Memorial and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Ryan’s best friend Josh comes to spend a weekend and I get very little sleep from that!
It gets quiet as Ryan drives with the Dup down to South Carolina to spend half of his predeployment leave with his family. I can only afford a week off of work so I cannot go with him.

When Ryan gets home we go to Myrtle Beach together for predeployment leave and have a wonderful time.


We spend the 4th of July at my parents’ house in the mountains. Ryan’s mom and her fiancĂ© come up for a few days to visit as well. Ryan, my mom and I also have tickets to see Jeff Dunham and have quite the hilarious fun filled evening.
Kaylah from Laure Love Photography takes some couples pictures for us, considering we never did an engagement photo shoot or anything I really treasure these!
I don’t blog much as we are closely looming towards deployment and Ryan and I just focus on spending a lot of time together.
But I do get a blog overhaul and redesign by my friend Kayti!!


Time flies as deploymentday looms. We go bowling, to the beach, out to eat, and spend time with friends.
My grandparents celebrate their 66th wedding anniversary.
Ryan deploys to Afghanistan.
I slowly try and find my footing for the deployment. I adjust to having my phone with me 24/7, crappy facetime connections that are still a blessing we never had when he was in Iraq, working and running the house on my own. Including a huge battle with the lawn mower.
My mom and Stefan come to visit and keep me company for a few days.
I go on a Beaufort Bike Tour for a girl’s day.


My best friend Sam flies from Rhode Island to North Carolina to spend Labor Day Weekend with me!!
I turn 26.
I have a low key birthday, I work and go to the bar with friends to watch the Giants start their epic losing straight, and get pictures of my present sent to me from Ryan.
I observe what happens during deployments.
I remember the important things, like being a blood donor.
I honestly blog about missing my husband, especially at night.


I get furloughed! Grrr,
I pull my back out, my poppy gets sick and my aunt’s cancer returns. It’s a rough time. Poppy gets a pacemaker but it’s still a rough road.
I realize the car registration is expired… way expired… and kind of lose it a bit!
I drive to South Carolina on my day off to fix the truck registration problems and try to weather the storm so to speak.
I cohost a TMoblie give away with some of the best bloggers ever!


I drive to my parents’ house in Western North Carolina to visit my family and see my cousin who flew in from California.
I have to write a note to myself.
I post for the 238th USMC Birthday and Veteran’s Day, both feel kind of different with Ryan gone.
We have a Deployed Spouses Night Out to Wine and Design

I attend the Spa Night for our unit and help out at the Spouse Experience Camp Lejeune.
I fly to New Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Thank you God.


I start to get homecoming Jitters.
But they vanish as soon as I see my husband get off that bus. He is home! Homecoming!!
I share our homecoming photos
And we spend time adjusting to reintegration. We go to the beach with the Dup when it gets freakishly warm, I get sick, we go to the movies and out to eat… basically just going with the flow.
We drive to South Carolina for Christmas with my inlaws.

And here we are. I am back at work post holidays and trying to catch up again! Here is to 2014… I have a good feeling about this one! An international trip possibly on the horizon? Stay tuned to find out!


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