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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Losing Wisdom

Teeth that is! I hope the lack of two ugly little teeth doesn't make me any less wise. As I sit here and eat my macaroni and cheese I am very glad this weekend is over and I wish it was next month already so these darn holes can be a distant memory. I hate the dentist so I was definitely overly freaked out before my appointment. Since sedation is too expensive on our insurance they prescribed me Valium to take an hour before we left. I noticed nothing. My husband came home from work early and we had some Bojangles and watched Doctor Who until it was time to go. When he looked at me and said "Ok, time to go!" I may or may not have burst into tears!

Normally whenever I go to the dentist I am in their waiting room an average of two minutes before going back. Today naturally was the day I was in there nearly an hour waiting to be seen, hyperventilating all the way. My poor husband was so angry (not at me, on my behalf) when they finally took me back. He came with me, actually he had no choice I death gripped his hand, and of course when I saw the chair I burst into tears again. The hygienist calmed me down and explained we were just doing an xray first... which was fine. Then they put on a DVD about after care for us both to watch before adding my choice, Back to the Future, which we had with us. They also made me have another Valium from my purse!

After that the nitrous gas had to go on and Ryan had to leave the room. I have to say I calmed down quite a bit once that stuff started flowing! I watched my movie until the dentist came in and gave me the numbing shots (the ones on the top of the mouth hurt!) and I fought sleeping. I did not want to fall asleep and have them just yank my teeth out! I only had two upper wisdom teeth, one was slightly impacted but the other was in. Suddenly the dentist is back with a pointy tool and telling me to open my mouth.

I think I may have yelled, "Oh my God are you going to do it now!?" but it didn't seem that loud to me... oops. He patiently nodded and said I would just feel some pressure. I took some deeeeeep breaths of the gas and let him take the teeth. I honestly only felt pressure and it was over in about two minutes. Both extractions were "easy" and I needed no stitches or anything of the sort. I got to see them too, ugly little buggers they were!  

Ryan came back after that while I breathed in some oxygen and chomped on gauze. Whew. I felt a little shaky but not too bad, I was still pretty hazy and I think the Valium at this point kicked in. Joy. He dropped me off at home and got me into bed and changed out my gauze and gave me some water. Luckily I still have my portable DVD player so he set me up in bed and went off to get my pain pills and soft things to eat.  

 My husband was awesome over the next few days. As you can see he crossed off and highlighted things on the sheet from the dentist to keep track of my care. I was surprised to see how thorough he was, but as a Marine I cannot expect any less! ;)
 This was right after I got home and Ryan went to the store. He even let The Dup come up and cuddle with me while I watched Because I Said So. Truth be told I fell asleep before he got back but he woke me up for some pain pills which I love him for. I then napped more. That was pretty much my first day; pain pills, chick flicks and jello.
 I was worshiping Jello the first day. (And watching Under the Tuscan Sun) By the second day I was hungry and wanted real food darnit.
 Awesome husband went to both McDonalds and ChickfilA to get me soft serve vanilla ice cream. That stuff was absolutely amazing to my jello and pudding filled stomach! Saturday I was in bed mostly but I did shower and try and take ibuprofen instead of my pain pills. Sunday I was moving around and on the couch and allowed to have soup! Yay soup! Ryan also took pity on me and made me a bacon egg and cheese sandwich since I promised to be mega careful.
Monday I was still swollen, but I was up and dressed and trying! I swish with salt water and keep the holes clean (with the special tool Ryan got for free from the Walgreens pharmacist since the dentist didn't give me one) and I am just trying to ignore the holes in the back of my mouth. I did overdo it last night and make stir fry for us and got rice caught back there..... poor husband had to use the tool and salt water to free it. Sigh. No crunchy things or rice for this girl for a little longer. I think at this point I am not going to get dry socket unless I do something really stupid so hooray for that!

I am still a little sore but I did venture out of the house finally. I went grocery shopping and to get gas as well as going to work on a project tonight. Yesterday I made myself keep moving and did laundry and vacuuming and dusting because I am a nut and needed my house cleaner than it was.

So thank you husband for putting up with a neurotic, pain killer popping wife for a few days and being a darn good caregiver. I'd offer to do the same but you are like normal people and had your wisdom teeth out in high school. Sigh. I'll get you in other ways I am sure!

Short version: I had teeth ripped out of my mouth and it sucked but I survived. Soft serve vanilla ice cream was involved as was an amazing husband. (:


  1. That's a good thing they had Ryan leave the room. I was awake when I got 3 of mine out {I'm actually more afraid of the sedation} and Skip stayed in the room with me. I was totally fine with it all, but he was a WRECK! He made the whole thing seem worse to me, haha. Glad you are on the mend and hope you're all back to normal soon!!

  2. I am not a fan of the dentist at all either!! I had to have a tooth removed last year and they put me to sleep to do it. The valium they gave me freaked me out, and my husband was ready to kill me by the time it was all said and done!! They weren't going to let him come back with me but I cried until they MADE him come back! He said if I ever have to have something like that done again my mom has to take me!! LOL!!

  3. Oh my goodness, my dentist said I have to have one of my wisdom teeth taken out, but I think he's going to take both...this post made me feel a bit better, lol.
    On that note, I just wanted to say I think your blog is great. I've been dating a guy for around 4 years now, and last year he decided to join the Marines. I've been dealing, but living 600 miles away from the guy you love is tough.
    But you really give me hope that we can make it. : ) So I just wanted to say thanks and have a blessed day. <3

    Sarah, http://wngingit.blogspot.com/

  4. Oh how I can feel your pain about the dentist. I wish I could tell you as you get older it wouldn't bother you, but I am 62 and I still feel like I am going to a gas chamber or some horrible place when I go in a dentist office. Each step even for a filling, I say to myself, ok, that part is over. The drill sounds so loud to me, it like a jack hammer. I now listen to an ipod when I am being worked on. I'm sure they would prefer to knock me out.
    My husband is retired military Air Force.
    Hang in there and thanks for letting me visit.


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