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Friday, November 15, 2013

Deployed Spouses Night Out

I haven't been able to make a lot of our units events due to work or being out of town, but I'm thankful I've made almost all of the girls night outs. This month we went to Wine and Design and our small group painted some beautiful moonlit poppies. 

I was aprehensive with mine while it was in progress but I ended up loving how it turned out!

Even more adorable was the fact that a couple was in our class and they got engaged! We knew ahead of time via email so we wouldn't spoil anything and it was so special to witness. The guy was brave and did a different painting from the rest of us of a gorgeous sunset with two wine glasses. He sat next to me with his fiancé across from him so she didn't see him write Marry Me in cursive (impressive to do with paint) across the top of his finished painting. He brought it around to her side to examine her finished painting then asked if she liked his. Her jaw dropped in surprise and he suddenly had a ring in his hand! So so adorable! I was hoping Wine and Design uploaded our group picture to their Facebook page but I didn't see it yet to share with you!

Either way, some art, wine and good company was a perfect night out. I even hung my painting in our bedroom!

Next week I'll be attending the unit Spa Night (with yoga and smoothies promised) on Tuesday, the SpouseBUZZ Spouse Experience Wednesday and some homecoming banner making Thursday. 

That's right readers, homecoming banner making time! I got our first official window notice today and I'm super excited! Not too much longer now!!!

Edited to add photos from the Wine and Design Facebook Page!


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