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Sunday, September 8, 2013

26 Years Old... Really??

(Warning... This will be a photo heavy post!)

Today I am 26 years old. I still feel younger than that (and indicating my tendencies to get carded seeing R Rated movies I look younger too)! This is the sixth birthday I have had since meeting Ryan and the fourth I have spent without him (he was in trouble the first one, in Iraq another, in California in school for one, and now in Afghanistan).  But I am still a blessed and lucky lady. I feel love today from around the world. As I look back on my past birthdays I truly know how lucky I am. Thank you to family, friends and of course Ryan for making me feel so loved throughout the years!

Birth. The original birthday!



Ok I was always a bit of a ham! And below was my fifth birthday party at McDonalds. It was so cool to do in the 90s!


My parents surprised me with this in or local paper! Christy and Tornado were my rabbits and Linda was my frog. Sadly, I am dead serious. 


Or maybe ten. A few birthdays of mine fell during father daughter camping weekend with girls scouts. I remember one year my dad gave me a purple sticky glittery frog that my mom later confiscated when I got it stuck to my bedroom ceiling and stained it. Oops. 



Two months later my mom took me, my friends Sam, Danielle and Jay into New York City to see Phantom of the Opera and have dinner at Jeckyl and Hydes (awesome themed restaurant!) for my celebration!


We had a family party in the backyard for my cousin Lauren and I (since we are a day apart, give or take 13 years) and our neighbors just got a miniature horse who came to say hello!

When I turned 18 I got my first tattoo (a blue moon and black star on my ankle) and then went to Johnny Rockets. Can't find those pictures though!


My friend, and then roommate, Megan went all out for my 19th! A few days before a friend of ours had season tickets to a Nationals game so we went and had amazing seats!

She decorated the door to our dorm room while I slept too. 

Plus made me cookies and icing! 

 A bunch of us went out for dinner in DC and got all dressed up...

Before having a celebration in the common room with a cake my parents sent me!

The next day we had a picnic on the mall and saw them filming The Kingdom with Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Gardner. Jamie Foxx accidentally knocked into my friend Katie and apologized profusely. I never saw the movie but apparently the scene at the Reflecting Pool, where we were, was cut. 


We had a small party in our apartment.  My new roommate forgot to get candles so I blew out one scented one!

We had a blast!

And my parents sent me flowers :)

Twenty One

I was cast in a show and our first rehearsal (aka read through) was that night. We got out semi late so we went to Colonel Brooks, the only bar within walking distance to campus. So many of my friends came and I got a sweet phone call from Ryan, who couldn't be there. He insisted on buying me jewelry for the birthday ball that year to make up for it! I tried to stop him but my husband was stubborn even then!

That weekend my friends took me to theRenaissance Festival in Maryland to celebrate more... Loved that place!

 Twenty Two

I was working in Disney and Ryan was in Iraq. I went to visit my uncle, who lives in Florida, the weekend before my birthday and they had a cake for me and tons of delicious food!

My roommate Kayla and I went to Magic Kingdom the actual day of my birthday and bonded as we had only been living together about a week!

I rocked a celebration button all day an totally got called out in the Monsters Inc comedy show for it! 

When Kayla went to work my coworker Karli got off and we hung out in EPCOT. We did a Kim Possible mission  and then watched Illuminations. That night was the beginning of our womance (aka a bromance for wos!). 

Twenty Three 

This was the first birthday I spent with Ryan! We went to a Nationals game that weekend. The actual day of my birthday was my second day with my new company, and they got me cake anyway! That night Ryan and I walked up to our favorite Italian restaurant Franco's and had a hugely wonderful meal!

Twenty Four

Although we were apart I did see Ryan the week before in Las Vegas. He was in school in Twenty Nine Palms and we decided to meet there for Labor Day Weekend. We saw Penn & Teller and  the Blue Man Group and gambled quite a bit too. Highlight for me was a gondola ride at the Venetian!

Ryan sent me flowers and balloons at work which really surprised me!

And my parents sent me Georgetown Cupcakes! My mom meant to send two dozen (since I was 24) and since they aren't cheap she thought what she paid for two dozen ended up only being the cost of a dozen! 

Twenty Five

A second birthday with Ryan! He arranged a cook out for us in our new house with lots of friends. It was a blast! He got me a cake and decorated and went all out for me which had me teary that day!

Twenty Six 

And here we are!

I got home Friday to see this waiting for me from my parents! 

Irises and more cupcakes!! My mom also sent a box that I (as of this writing) did not open yet and my first diamond candle! It made my day. My coworker also got me a huge Hershey bar and a card Saturday. I do have work today and later some friends and I plan on go into Carolina Ale House for drinks and a free dessert. And to watch the Giants vs Cowboys game!

These were at my front door yesterday when I got home from work, from my aunt. They are gorgeous!

Ryan said he got me something in Afghanistan but he can't ship it. He wants to give it to me when he comes home and no amount of pleading will convince him to show me what it is via video chat!

So twenty six years. Hopefully next year Ryan will be here with me to celebrate twenty seven but regardless I'm so grateful for the blessings I have. 

Thank you all! 




  1. Happy 26th birthday!!! I hope this year is special, and hopefully, you get to spend the next one with your hubby!

  2. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you've had a great 26 years.

  3. Happy birthday!! I hope you get a pretty ring in your candle!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you've had some memorable ones!


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