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Monday, December 9, 2013


Oh what a glorious word!!!

Of course I was slightly stressed that day. Nerves and the like! I went to work and my coworkers were incredibly gracious to acknowledge my distracted self was pretty useless and didn't have me do anything too strenuous ;)

After work I ran to the dry cleaner to drop off my husband's things that sat on the closet floor for months. In my defense he told me not to worry about them right away! I then ran to the bank, the ABC store for baileys and then home. I quickly walked the Dup, changed the sheets on the bed and vacuumed. My friend Donna stopped by to help me snap out of my insanity and then I realized my no heat curls fell out! Usually those dang things last two days with no issue! So I quickly showered, gashed my leg trying to shave, recurled my hair and did my make up just to get an email they were running ahead of schedule! Crap!

I go to throw on my glorious eShakti dress I'd been saving for the occasion and it ripped!! I was texting pictures to everyone trying to find a back up option but left the house late only to crawl to base in thick thick fog!!

Of course I make it and then we hear the guys are delayed. Sigh. My luck! But my amazing photographer Kaylah from LaurĂ© Love Photography was there waiting for me and definitely helped me stop panicking. 

They had a great set up with tents (that we hung our signs on since the fence gets cleared once a week) a bouncy castle, a movie for the kids and snacks and drinks. 

After a few hours we heard the busses were on base en route to the armory. It was damp and my hair was uncurling and my poster was limp but my butterflies in my stomach became bumblebees. 

Then the bus was there. Kaylah wisely had me stand back and still and let Ryan find me. And suddenly he was there. I ran to him and jumped on him and had the best hug of my life. Nothing else mattered. Kaylah posted some sneak peeks of our pictures so here they are!!

If we get more pictures I'll definitely be sharing here! Thank you Kaylah for waiting around with me and taking such awesome pictures for us!
The Dup was so excited to see him too! If I can get the video here I will. Ryan and I were up all night talking and sharing wine and caffeine. I passed out on the couch with him around 5:30am watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. At 8:30am he woke me up with homemade French toast. All weekend was napping, catching up, and going out to eat. Also seeing Catching Fire. I'm so glad to have him home. To have someone to walk the Dup with, cook with, and watch football with at Ale House! Plus we upgraded to iPhone 5cs and I'm loving how much faster it is!!! 

We've had our moments but it's been terrific. I'm so happy he is home again. 


  1. I cried reading this....I'm a sucker for homecomings! Congrats, and thank god y'all get to spend the holidays together!!! Woo hoo!!!!

  2. Awesome photos!! Welcome home to your Marine!! Thank you for both of your sacrifices for our nation!!

  3. I'm tearing up, I'm so happy for you two!

  4. Ahh! So excited for you both! What a perfect gift for the holiday season!

  5. Aw, that's awesome. I bet all those little things didn't matter once you saw him!


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