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Monday, August 5, 2013


Lately it has been days that fly by too quickly. Staying up late into the night talking on the tailgate of the truck with a shandy or two. Going out to dinners, the movies, the beach and playing with the Dup. 

Lately time is moving too quickly as we get closer to our see you later. 

We've worn tall silly socks and gone bowling. 

We've eaten on rooftops in New Bern...

 Tapas in Morehead City...

 And crab legs by the beach at our favorite dive. 
We've gone to the beach...

 And the the local pool bar.

 And of course the field up the street. 

 It's been trying to cram a lot of things into short days. Plus a new air conditioning unit when ours died. That was an unexpected couple grand expense!

 Lots of fun, food and love. 

And of course secret kisses hidden among a certain husband's gear. Hopefully it won't be discovered early! I kissed white paper then cut the kisses out, wrote I Love You on the back and then sealed the kisses between strips of clear packing tape. I cut them small and hid them in various pockets, socks, shoes, hygiene gear and other things. I hope he finds them and loves them. 

Lately time isn't on my side. Lately I've been digging in my heels and trying to slow down and relish every moment. Lately I've been wishing and hoping and praying. Lately time has just been going too too fast. 




  1. Aww, enjoy him while you can! I remember hugging my guy so much tighter and kissing him a lot more often before he left. I'm here if you need someone to talk to!

  2. I think the last few weeks before deployment are the worst. Just cause I want him gone already, just so I can start the countdown clock till he gets home! Enjoy each other!


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