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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Third Anniversary

Today is our third wedding anniversary!! It is also the first one we've spent apart (which is fine, 1 out of 3 is not bad!) since Ryan is in the field. Because we're impatient we decided to exchange gifts before he left. We went out for sushi and dressed semi nice and exchanged gifts and had some wine. Perfect. 

We do traditional anniversary gifts and for the third year the theme is leather. I got Ryan a nice leather samsonite briefcase that I saved up for and he got me my first coach purse. I giggled (if you are a fan of the OSMW Facebook page you know why) but I think the purse is adorable and I've already used it! It was very sweet of him to know me well enough to get the size and color I love in a daily use bag and considering its my first new purse in about seven years I think it's pretty awesome! 

He was also super stoked for the briefcase (which I know he wanted since he is so subtle!). I paid for amazon to gift wrap the present which meant they threw it in a large blue drawstring bag so I don't think I'll pay extra for wrapping if I'm getting something bigger than a breadbox!

Happy Anniversary my love. I hope for many happy returns of the day and that we can celebrate many more together. I love you. 

And now some photos (including some with a genuine Ryan smile that I tease him for never using in any posed pictures). 






  1. Congratulations! We have the same anniversary! (: it sucks about the amazon wrapping though...


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