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Monday, December 23, 2013


Since Ryan has been home it's been all over the place! Naturally I got sick within a week and ended up on two rounds of antibiotics. Antibiotics always kick my butt so I've been even more sick than when I was "sick"! These darn pills cause terrible stabbing headaches, nausea and of course no alcohol. No alcohol until Christmas even though I'm done taking it I can't drink until they leave my system. Sigh. 

So that's been fun!

But having Ryan home has been great. Even carpooling hasn't been bad. Surprise!!!

A week or so after Ryan got home we went to the beach on base and watched the meteor shower. It was cold so we bundled up and laid in the sand and saw about half a dozen of them. They were so cool. Even with the some clouds that were out the meteors were so bright we saw them through the clouds!!

We've gotten Ryan all caught up on How I Met Your Mother too. And have seen Hunger Games and Thor 2. 

The weather this past weekend was gorgeous so we took Rylie to the beach. She had a blast!!

Of course at one point Rylie saw another lab at one point and went to run after him. Ryan told me to grab her since her leash was on but I couldn't get a grip. So I went to stomp on it and the next thing I know I'm in the Atlantic Ocean. In December. On the rocks. Ouch!!! Luckily aside from being dirty, wet and covered in sand only my dignity was wounded!

We all cleaned up nicely and then opened presents from my parents so we didn't have to cart them to my inlaws. My brother made Ryan an amazing plaque they he absolutely loved. It was all handmade and relevant to this past deployment. 

Very, very cool. 

I'm so so blessed Ryan is home for Christmas. It is honestly all I could ask for. Come Christmas Eve my husband and I will cuddle up in South Carolina and enjoy a glass of wine ;)

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