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Saturday, January 26, 2013

TV Extra, Take Two

For the first, and pretty unsuccessful, attempt at being an extra on TV check out this entry.

Last week I saw that Revolution was looking for extras again for two days of filming. I submitted and also let my friend (and fellow milspouse blogger) Annie know to submit as well... and we were both cast! Last Wednesday we drove down to Wilmington together to get our costume fittings and this week we were on set. Mind you when we went for our fitting it was 75 degrees. Tuesday and Wednesday this week? Barely hit 40. Freezing. Our costumes were all knee length, no sleeves and no suitable for this kind of weather at all!

Costume One:
 Eventually they took pity on us and gave us jackets for a scene the second day.... but did I mention the four inch heels that accompanied this little gem? No? They hurt. A lot.

Costume Two:
At least this one had a flimsy cardigan, but I'll take it. And flats! Halleluiah for flats!!!

So the first day of filming our call was 5:30am. Which meant being awake around 3:30am to get to Wilmington on time! Annie picked me up at 4:15am and we made it with time to spare. It was dark and cold and as the sun came up and the day went on it just got colder and windier!

We were filming at a mall in Wilmington pretending it was summertime in Atlanta. It was freezing! Whenever we could our winter jackets were on, but when filming happened we had to stash them off camera and be in our sleeveless dresses that barely hit our knees. My feet were numb with cold and pain, my nose was running and red, my face got windburn and my entire body hurt after the first day of filming. I did meet some amazing people, see the stars of the show way up close, and learn a lot (and hopefully got on camera!) but MAN it was cold!

Check out those winter jackets!!! And the fact that as many people are trying to huddle in the sun as possible. Penguin shuffle!
 The stars got pants. And sleeves. I was a little jealous!
 Our location for filming day one.
 Of course an amazing lunch (and breakfast) were served!

We did a lot of scenes in the market, some with the stars of the show, and some for Visual Effects to make our crowd of say 75 look like 500. That meant a lot of walking up and down the sidewalk and in small sections of the street over and over again to splice together in post production. In the beginning when the crew asked for volunteers everyone was eagerly trying to get picked. By night and hour 10 when they asked for volunteers we just avoided eye contact as much as possible! Not getting picked meant staying in holding with your jacket (and in my case sweatpants and boots) on! You never say no when they pick you so some people I was with did have to go out a few more times. I was content to sit and wait in the warmth!

 I got home around 9:00pm.... so that would be a 13.5 hour day. We went into double time pay! My husband had a bubble bath waiting for me and made me soup before my chilled sore self passed out before 10pm! I was so cold the bath water nearly burned me and turned me a lovely shade of red, but it wasn't that hot. I was just so so cold it felt boiling.

Luckily day two I got to sleep in as I wasn't called until 2:30pm. I slept a solid twelve hours and laid around the house until it was time to drive back to Wilmington! Day two was much more fun! I got to be in a smaller scene of people entering the Atlanta federation and then in a huge chaotic running scene at night. It was tons of people running and screaming and a blast! This time they let us wear our comfy shoes with our cocktail dresses and even our jackets! It made a huge difference to morale! Running in Uggs is miles above running in four inch peep toed heels for six hours. Seriously.

 Hair would grab you wherever they could to do adjustments, there were a lot of us after all!
Daytime filming.
 Huddled around the propane heater
 On set
 Waiting to go
 With one of my new friends Kat
 Torches! It looked awesome. No pitchforks though.

 Walking back to places.
 Heading back to holding to warm up!
 Inside holding, the place extras wait, snack and try to warm up.
 Camera crane
 Almost ready to go!
 Such a fun night!
 Extras can double as hobos when it is cold enough.
Me on set with my winter jacket firmly in place over my cocktail dress. Priorities!!! And I had my boots on. Definitely a much more fun night!

I met some amazing people that I hope I can hang out with again! This time being an extra was amazing, it blew the first time out of the water, and not just because I got used and got to film, I promise. It was two long, cold and tiring days but I am so glad I did it. And I will do it again if the chance arises! This episode should air around the end of April, I will let you know for sure when the date gets closer and more defined.


  1. Wow this is so cool!

  2. We watch revolution religiously!! I'll be on the look out for you for the rest of the season now :)


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