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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Doctor in Spite of Himself

Once again another show has come to a close. This cast and crew were fabulous (as always) to work with and I'm really going to miss them! 

Naturally all shows have their snafus. Ours was a cast member showing up to opening night so drunk he could barely stand, let alone act. Cue rehearsing a cast member with a smaller part who goes on as an understudy in addition to his own part! Luckily he did amazingly and with the help of an incredible memory, a Sicilian rehearsal Friday morning and a lot of dedication the show went smoothly with the understudy in place!

The cast party was awesome, bonfire and hot dogs included. 

My family came for the weekend and saw the show as well as helping us around the house. Our shower doesn't leak, the toilet works, our front garden is planted and the backyard is French drained. Whew. Thanks dad! My mom and I went to the beach and my dad and Ryan did the most grunt work. Stefan and Ramon helped later on but it looks great!

And Lacey helped me fix up my costume and make up to make it slightly less Bo Peep and more milk nurse (aka my part!). 

Had to KCCO opening night!

The final effect. 

The glorious cast!

Flowers from my family and Ryan. 
And Ryan hard at work as I left for the matinee. My parents dog Dippy kept him company! My poor Dip. She's almost 12 years old!

So another show is done. Maybe this fall I can do another one!


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  1. Love all the pics, and I am so glad to hear the show went great!! :)


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