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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wife vs Yard

One of my new responsibilities is taking care of our yard. My husband seriously loves yard work. He is a huge perfectionist and will spend hours getting lines on our cut grass and edging the yard. Then he spends the rest of the night admiring his work and dragging me around to see it from all angles.

Before Ryan left he gave me a three hour lesson on using the push mover, weed whacker and leaf blower. Now I've cut the grass before but I grew up on a riding mower. I just had to sit on the tractor and drive up and down and back and forth. Not pull a string over and over and push a primer and hold down a weird bar! 

So once Ryan left I worked about six days straight and on my first day off I decided I tackle the grass. This is not exaggerated in any way. 

Round 1 - Mow front yard. 
Round 2 - Run out of gas. Well played mower, well played. 
Round 3 - Put gas in mower. It won't start. 
Round 4 - Put mower in the shade and weed whack the yard while I wait. 
Round 5 - Try mower again. Nothing. Kick it, fiddle with spark plug, prime it, kick is again and then pull the thingy over and over until it starts. 
Round 6 - Mow back yard. 
Round 7 - Try to turn weed whacker from trimmer to edger. Can't figure it out. 
Round 8 - Realize there is a locking mechanism to switch weed whacker setting. 
Round 9 - Edge half the yard and run out of weed whacker string. 
Round 10 - Decide that's enough for one day. We shall meet again. 

It looked ok. Ryan noticed the edge when I sent the picture.  Putz. 

Then there was a lot of rain and I planned on cutting the grass again Monday. I get home from work Sunday night and my neighbor mowed my front lawn on his riding mower, which I appreciated. Buuuut I did have to go blow all the clippings off the grass before it rained. Sigh. 

Today I knew I had to do the backyard so I decided to just do the front in lines again anyway. 

I ran out of gas again, I'm convinced we own the hummer of lawn mowers, and had I empty the bag which was fun. I managed to change the string in the weed whacker and cut all the grass, trimmed and edged. I felt exhausted and I was sweaty as heck but I did it. 

Personally I think it looks pretty good!!


  1. I never mowed the lawn, ever in my life, before my husband deployed! We had a push mower though, so it wasn't as complicated :P

  2. This is actually my first time mowing the lawn too, now that we are home owners. We have an electric lawn mower which isn't back, but it always takes both of us to mow it, one to mow and one to hold the extension cord, so the other doesn't cut it by running it over LOL! It looks great though, and cheers to you for not letting that mower & weedwacker win! LOL! :)

  3. Good job girly! Our push mower died half way through our deployment so I had to use the weedwacker to do the whole yard. Thankfully it isnt super big, but that was a miserable time lol.

  4. This is my first time doing it and I hate it. I usually have to split up the front and back yard between days because I can't get myself to do it all in one day...lol

  5. Your yard really does look awesome!! Great job!

  6. That sounds like me trying to mow the lawn! It's a good thing I have an apartment right now or I'd be having a rough time lol. Go you!


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