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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So sick of this week already...

Oh what a day. A week. And it is only Tuesday.

So at work today I am up front and checking my email when all these little windows start popping up saying that our firewall expired and viruses and spyware were in the computer. I try and get rid of it but no luck. I was just on AOL so it obviously wasn't something I did, but opening the internet I think re-triggered it. So I tell Marlene and Charlie and my boss was pissed. Understandably so, because apparently me (and the highschoolers who do my job too) used the internet and someone got a virus on the system. So the register was down for an hour today while the computer company dialed in to fix it off site.

Then one of my bridesmaids Kim fills me in on the dress drama she is having. David's Bridal I thought would be great, it has locations everywhere and lots to chose from. Now I want to kick the Manhattan location in the face. Kim ordered her dress January 27th and they tell her NOW that it is a "special order" item and needs 12 weeks to come in! They told her it would be in April 1st back in January which was cutting it close to our "April 15th" wedding (we lied to get things in on time!). Apparently Blue Velvet is a special color and needs more time and they don't carry dresses in that color in floor stock. So why did I see at least four Blue Velvet dresses at the New Brunswick location as I was showing Sue (Sam's mom) what they look like? And if it is a special order item why do I have four girls with dresses in the color who had no problems getting theirs???

So I am on the phone with the manager who can't access our information as the computers all crashed. Of course they did. She had to call me back while I was still at work.

I am just so angry they gave Kim the wrong information and would not own up to their mistake. Once the computers were running the manager looked at all stores for that style and color and size for Kim but of course it doesn't exist. Anywhere. So they looked for any dress (and at per Kim's request a different dress than the other girls) that is long and Blue Velvet in Kim's size.

Apparently they found one. Kim is going in on Thursday with her mom as she was still angry. Me too. I was texting Kim and Sam and on the phone with Carrie and at work doing this for three hours!

Plus Ryan left his phone in his pocket while on the range and it poured so now his phone is not working. He will have to get a new one and can't really afford it. Or maybe afford to come this weekend but he is going to try but it is so stressful. And he didn't get our application in for the apartment in on time so the one we looked at is taken. There is ONE one bedroom left on the top floor, so it is more money, and someone already applied. Our only chance is that his credit sucks and he gets denied. Otherwise a one bedroom probably won't be available til JUNE.

So now what???

I think we will know tomorrow.

I just want to cry.


  1. Cute blog! I just started mine this week... I'm also planning a wedding, but for June 2011! My fiancé is a Marine and is in Afghanistan on his second deployment. Nice to meet you!

  2. Thanks for following Dani! I checked out your blog as well! I promise my entries usually aren't so whiney... last minute stresses are hitting me all over the place!


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