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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Midnight Madness!

Ok not really... but that was the time I was at the theatre til last night! I got home around 12:30, showered because I was gross, and fell into bed with my passed out husband around 1am. I was up at 7am for work. Ugh. It has been busy on and off today but I am dragging. So. Tired!

I got to the theatre around 6, heated up my frozen dinner, and tried to wrangle 55 opera singers into costume to be prepared to go on time. Needless to say that did not happen. I got spoiled working the Fringe Festival the past two summers with professional singers. They were always on time, in costume and make up and warmed up BEFORE they needed to be. They were always willing to help out and were the nicest people. Some of these kids, yes I can say kids referencing to freshmen, have never done tech before and were nonstop complaining.

Tech sucks. Anyone in any show, play, musical, opera, knows this. You sit around for hours to do a minute of work (on the performance side) and if you are crew you are busting your butt for fifteen hours straight to get things done and not waste anyone's time. You are polite, you try, but some people just do not get it.

If in the professional world you EVER showed up an hour and a half late, you would be fired. If you back talked to an Assistant Stage Manager who called to tell you you were late and see where you are, you'd be fired. If you were consistently rude, not in costume, missed your cue... you'd be fired. You get the picture right?

Most of them are great, especially the principle roles. They are also so so so talented. The Queen of the Night's aria gives me chills every time. You know it...

The parts where she sings with no words I am sure you recognize! And the fact the women playing the queen are in college (or grad school) and are THAT good, is amazing.

But we ran over last night til about quarter after eleven trying to finish the run. Then I had to use my "bitch list" and basically assure them they were all great but there were some things that were just unacceptable (ie missing cues, trashing the green room, back talking to the ASM, being LATE during tech week). By the time they all got out of costume and I locked up and we had our production meeting... it was midnight.

DC was deserted as I drove home. It was kinda creepy actually.

I also left my laptop charger in the theater. Lame. At least Cat was there painting and hid it for me. No internet for me tonight post-work!

Good news is, I am not called tonight! It is Sitzprobe, aka music rehearsal with Maestro, and the crew is meeting to finish the build, but since I am "professional" (aka I earned my four years of crew hours) I can stay home tonight! I am out of here in four minutes and my goal is to be in bed by 8pm. (:

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