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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This was my second Thanksgiving away from my immediate family in NJ. Last year I was in Disney, actually working that day come to think of it, and this year we went to South Carolina to be with Ryan's family.

I must say this getting older thing... it is strange. I know Ryan's family is my family, that is never an issue, but I did miss my parents, brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins! I have such a large family that it is always mass chaos when we get together. People are running around, food is everywhere, tvs are blaring, it is total crazy! And I love it. That is what I grew up with and know. Ryan's family is smaller than mine (but still of course can be chaotic!) and it was a different way of doing things. (ie buffet style in the kitchen vs all over the dining room... I'll post pictures tomorrow)

I still ate a ridiculous amount of good food and bonded with my inlaws. Some of the time outside. Outside comfortable on Thanksgiving! It was like, 70 degrees!! It was insane. My brother texted me a video of it snowing that morning in NJ, even if it did melt within a few hours.

We had a nice time though. We got to relax a bit and just be with his family for a few days. We watched the USC/Clemson rivalry game Saturday night (Go Cocks!) and saw USC kick butt. Very nice.

Of course what is a holiday without a rough patch? We were in the car nearly ten hours on Wednesday and about the same on Sunday... with traffic and back pain and general irritability a fight was inevitable. Especially when someone had one too many drinks on Thanksgiving and was up til 5am with the next door neighbor (I was in bed by midnight!) being drunk and disorderly... and even left cigarettes floating in said neighbors hot tub since he dropped the entire pack! Then the next day when they slept it off I put up the Christmas tree like he promised he would and watched way too much TV. So needless to say we had a bit of a fight driving home.

Nasty yelling, name calling, arguing, he said she said, you did I did, blah blah blah, ten minutes of silence....... Sorry I called you this. Sorry I said that. I didn't mean this. You're not really that.

Our fight. Paraphrased (:

But all is well. Last night I got home with a pizza from my new favorite pizza place and found my husband waiting with a bottle of red wine and a movie. Sigh. Nicely done. We watched National Treasure and stuffed and labeled our Christmas Cards before going to bed nice and early. Like..... 9 o'clock or so!

Today, well work has been rough. Same as yesterday. Days after long weekends are crazy and billing is underway and tempers are high and people are crazy. (excuse my run on sentence!) I just want to go home and curl up under the covers, but alas... physical therapy awaits.



  1. I'm glad me and Danny aren't the only ones fighting alot. And I thought this was the happiest time of year?!

  2. Cute picture! It was my first year not being home with my family too =/ It was good though!

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