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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Working Out....

So on Tuesday Ryan made a decision. He was looking for the remote and it was in his lap and he couldn't see it. Operation Work Out begins. We had some squash pasta that night for dinner that my mom had made, but I am not a big squash fan (it's a texture thing) so I was already feeling a little blah.

"Sweetie come on a run with me."
"No thank you.
"Aw c'mon. It'll be fun."
"Nope. I don't run."
"This will be the slowest I run! It has been so long you can keep up!"
"No way."
"Please? I love you!"

That is how I ended up in running shoes and shorts stretching outside of our apartment. So we start down the trail and I don't make it very far before I start walking. Longest half an hour of my life. I would run, then walk, then run and push, then run. Meanwhile Marine Husband runs ahead a ways, runs back and circles me, says something motivating, and runs forward again. Repeat process. He ran the whole time, probably a few miles. I almost saw my squash pasta again on multiple ocassions.

Ok maybe my home cooking had something to do with the 20lbs he has put on since we got married. But I only maybe put on five. If that. His lifestyle choices have added to the poundage... tossing back beers with the guys does not keep weight off! Anyway, he now thinks this is a bonding experience. We have a gym schedule.

I am in pain.

So much pain.

After the run from hell we do abs work on our hardwood living room floor. Joy.

Yesterday I meet Ryan at the barracks to go to the gym. We do chest and triceps. I cannot lift my arms today. My left elbow is swollen and hot, I cannot straighten or totally bend it. I have ice on it now. We do all sorts of torturous heavy lifting and my loving husband says,

"Ok a lap around the track."
"No. I ran yesterday."
"You need to do cardio too! Half a lap."
"Stop being a spoil sport. Just do half."

So that is how I end up running a quarter mile after a two hour work out.

Today my arms won't go above my head. My shin splints are already showing, giant bruises on my right shin... so hot. Wrapped that. Iced elbow.

Did I mention it is day three?

Somehow I get to the barracks during his chow time and we do a back and biceps work out. Add more pain to more parts of my body.

I am allowed to take a day off tomorrow since I have plans. Saturday he wants to swim. Shoot me now! I am in so much pain. I don't do pain well. At all. I am so weak. There is nothing like lifting the ten pound weights in high reps while giant Marines on either side of you are benching your body weight. It is so embarassing.

Oh, eating healthy too. Baked lemon pepper cod and rice last night.

I almost ripped the Snickers bar out of Ryan's Sgt's hand yesterday. I don't diet well.

Why is his life choice pulling me in? Because I "motivate him and make him want to do it." If I had the strength I would have thrown the dumbbell at his head.

Ok I am a little bit of a baby about this stuff, but I will bear it since I am not working. Once my full time job starts I'll do maybe three times a week. I am not doing this six days a week torture. Ugh.

He wants to kill me.

Our Schedule
Monday - Legs
Tuesday - Run/Cardio
Wednesday - Chest, Triceps
Thursday - Back, Biceps
Friday - Run/Cardio
Saturday - Swim
Sunday - Off

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  1. Ahh I am jealous you get to run with your hubby!! I wish I could run with mine :( But...the first 2 weeks definitely SUCK (from my experience). Then, before you know it... it isn't as painful and you'll get "used" to working out! you can do it girl!!!


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