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Friday, April 30, 2010

Tomorrow (2)!!!

So where I left off...

Bachelorette! So we basically had amazing wine at the winery, relaxed with massages, had a great dinner at the Irish pub, went to another one for a drink, then went back to the Irish pub for trivia night. Kim met up with us after the spa and Aliee met up with us at the house. Trivia was great, we had our butts kicked but we had a blast. I had a light up pink furry crown that said bride-to-be, a bachelorette sash, and we all had cute pink and white pins that said things like Sexy, Vamp, Fiesty... mine said Lucky! I also had a giant fake engagement ring and we had a cute girl's night out sign for the table. We went back to the lake house after that and started watching It's Complicated and pigging out on junk food but we all started to pass out so we went to bed!

In the morning my two aunts and cousin Suzy stopped by and visited. Aunt Eileen and Suzy are from California so it was great to see them pre-wedding. We got back to NJ and mom and I went in to whirlwind mode getting everything done. We tied ribbons on the bubbles, cleaned, decorated, worked on the digital frames, and I managed to shower and get ready.

We then went to the rehearsal, ran the show twice. I hope it all goes smoothly! I am more nervous about forgetting something than anything else! But the guys looked good practicing their arch. So excited for that! It was good seeing Ryan's family too. Then we had the dinner at Cryan's and just chatted.

Ryan's grooms cake was a red velvet armadillo! Anyone see Steel Magnolias? If so, you get it!!! Then all the Marines and my poppy sang the Marine Corps hymn and the bridal party did a shot (*I Coyote Ugly'd mine since I cannot drink, I will explain if neeeded!*) and it went fast.

Now I am home, missing Ryan already! I will see him tomorrow, up the aisle waiting for me! Tomorrow I will get up early, get hair and make up done with the girls, and go to the church.

Then reception, and honeymoon in western NC for a week.

See you all then!!! Thanks for the well wishes!!! <3

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