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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Doctors Follow Up

Follow up from this post and sort of this post... the first one is the important one.

On Saturday I go and check the mail again and one of my two referrals came! It was for the plastic surgeon, still waiting on the physical therapist. One step at a time, maybe it's a sign? (:P)

Anyway I get recommended to this doctor and I was a bit shocked it is at Georgetown University Hospital! Way to go TriCare.

Yesterday I call and had to leave a voicemail, which depressed me a bit, as no one was there. I call back today and had to leave another one during my lunch. I am on the phone with my mom and I see a call coming in and I did a "Gottagoloveyabye" to my confused mother who proceeded to call me back during my attempts to schedule. But in the end, I have an appointment for a consultation! I cannot believe it. It is not until October 15th and I got the first appointment of the day so I wouldn't miss too much work... but I have it.

This is something I have considered for ten years now. It just feels surreal that it might actually be under way. And you bet your bottom dollar this is a sure fire way I will quit smoking, a big no no with general anesthesia.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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