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Thursday, July 15, 2010

[insert title here]

Sorry I have been slacking!

Welcome new followers! I nearly fell over when I saw how many more I got. I know it isn't a whole lot a lot but it made me quite happy. I know you came through my guest blogging stint at Flip Flops and Combat Boots so thank you!

I have been exhausted all week. Working at the day camp and the commute plus having some opera shows at night just drains me! Especially when I come home and cook or clean or do other things. Last night after dinner I went to lie down. Ryan and I kept saying we wouldn't fall asleep. I had to shower, make my lunch, we had dinner dishes, and it made me smile when he said I had to update my blog.

Well we passed out. I woke up at 11pm, changed into a night shirt, and passed out again. We were so zonked we didn't even feel the 3.6 magnitude earthquake that hit the DC area around 5am! Seriusly, an earthquake in DC?! I heard it on the radio when I got in the car to go to work and actually almost drove off the road. My first earthquake and I sleep through it... :P

So here is where my real entry comes, bear with me.

There is a rumor Ryan may get orders at the end of parade season.

This is really hard for me to wrap my brain around. When Ryan and I were just engaged and planning our wedding he had planned to stay in the Corps. I accepted the fact that come next May he would re-up and we'd move. A month or so ago he blew me away when he said he didn't want to re-enlist after all. He wanted to get a security job within the government and we'd stay in DC. Great.

Now apparently his Captain is fighting for him to get orders post parade season, September/October. I didn't prepare for that! I thought we had a year! We love our apartment, the area we live in... it will be hard to leave that so quickly. Ryan says it makes no sense for him to get orders. But because it makes no sense it has a high chance of happening since that is how the Corps works! If we move he'd do a deployment work up, but his contract would be over before he would deploy! But I know my husband, if he trained a work up with these guys he would not not deploy with them. He'd extend his contract for the deployment and then maybe get out then. Or just stay in. Now he is unsure.

Where would we go?

We don't know. California is mostly all deployed at that point and apprently are not taking new guys, so that's out. Our biggest chance is North Carolina... which scares me a bit as I would have not much to do there (at all) career wise.

I am a natural worrier, I am going through all this in my head and driving myself crazy. Ryan tells me, "Cut it out." Helpful isn't he? :P I know that worrying doesn't help but it isn't like I can flip a switch. Ryan said we have to mentally prepare for the damn possibility of this move but physically live here like nothing will change. I should look for a job for fall and just hope I am here to do it (if I get one!).

I just want to know one way or the other. Silly for a Marine wife right??


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