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Thursday, May 1, 2014

4th Anniversary

One of my favorite wedding pictures, taken by one of my bridesmaids (Nichole).
I cannot believe it has been four years since our wedding day! Four years.... crazy. Today is essentially a typical work day. I curled my hair since Ryan loves it when my hair is curly and we are both getting off work a whole half an hour early to try and get home to spend the evening together. No gym and hopefully not much base traffic! We have some good steaks waiting to be cooked and a nice evening of just the two of us... and the Dup I suppose.

As you may remember (but probably not) Ryan and I do the tradition anniversary gifts. Our first anniversary was paper, our second was cloth, our third was leather and this year is fruit and flowers. We were both feeling kind of eh about that so we decided this weekend we'd celebrate by going to a winery and doing a wine tasting and a nice dinner. Wine and a husband time? Perfect gift to me!

Since it is our fourth anniversary, I will throw in three more wedding pictures for a grand total of four, one for each year. ;)

Our Arch

During Ryan's grandfather's speech he told Ryan to put his hand on top of mine and then said, "Son, remember this moment. This is the last time you will ever have the upper hand." I love our reactions and the general laughter of this picture.

Everyone who attended our wedding... I know a lot of people don't care for fish-eye photos but I love that I have one picture with everyone who means so much to me in it!
Happy Anniversary my love. The first four years have been wonderful, here is to the next.... well a lot! I love you Sweetie.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I like the shot with everyone!!

  2. absolutely stunning wedding photos! The one your friend Nichole took reminds me of the famous "kiss" photograph with the sailor and the nurse!


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