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Monday, May 5, 2014

Lady Antebellum Concert

A couple weeks ago the hubby and I were driving back from Wilmington where we went to get a bridesmaid's dress for me for my best's friend's wedding (19 DAYS SAMMY SAM!) when I heard on our radio station to call in for concert tickets. Ryan was asleep in the passenger seat as I started steathily dialing again and again. Suddenly it started ringing. I slammed the phone into his chest and yelled, "TALK TO THEM! IT'S RINGING!"
My poor husband was so confused when he heard "Sorry, you're caller six. Try again." Especially since I yelled at him to hit redial. To my surprise it rung again and we were caller nine! We won!! To quote Ryan's whispers as he covered the mouthpiece, "What did we win??"
Tickets to see Lady Antebellum, Billy Currington and Kasey Musgraves in Raleigh!
Poor Ryan didn't even know how to answer the DJ when he asked, "Ryan, how do you spell country?" He didn't even know what station I was listening to (the same country one we ALWAYS listen to) so he turned to me and said, "Sweetie, tell them how we spell country." to which I saved his behind and yelled out "WRNS!"

This would be our first country concert so I was pretty excited, as was he. The lawn tickets arrived in the mail a week or two before and had a spot of glory on our fridge until the big day. Naturally it was sunny every day up until the concert. The Friday of the concert it turned gray and green and tornado warnings blasted across the radio. Naturally. Did I mention we had lawn seats in an outdoor ampitheatre?
The entire two hour drive to Raleigh the sky got darker and greener and the rain poured until we hit our exit. Magically the skies cleared and we trudged through the mud to the ampitheatre.

We rented chairs (since, um, we forgot to bring some) and staked out decent seats as the sun began to set. Fate was on our side as the rain stayed away the entire concert! Victory!

We had a gorgeous sunset happen behind us too as some awesome music happened in front.

My iphone didn't take the best pictures (and the quality on my 11 or so videos is so so) but we heard and saw just fine. All the acts were brilliant. Even Ryan agreed. Sometimes when you hear someone on the radio versus a concert you can tell a lot of editing is done in the studio but all three of these acts sounded exactly like they did on the radio, glorious!

I am such a dork for the panorama setting on my iPhone. I seriously need help. All three acts sang some songs you didn't expect as well. Kasey Musgraves sang some Miranda Lambert (and nailed it, it was the This Ain't My Mama's Broken Heart song), Billy Currington sang Blurred Lines and Friends in Low Places, and Lady A sang When I'm Gone (the cups song).

It did get a little chilly as the sun went down but we were prepared with hoodies thankfully. I felt bad for all the girls walking around in short gauzy sundresses but I am sure their beer kept them warm. At $11 a can (for bud light) it better!

Concerts used to be lit up by lighters. Now they are lit up by flashlights from smart phones. The enitre ampitheatre was GLOWING when Lady A asked us for some light. It was crazy!

All five of them got together and sang "Sittin on the dock of the bay" which was awesome. Especially when they got to the whistling part and no one could keep a straight face to listen into the microphone.

So yes, the show was fantastic, I heard (and maybe recorded) all my favorites and had a wonderful time with Ryan. We sang and danced and paid way too much for drinks and food but certainly worth it. Even sitting with our gas tank empty light on for an hour in the parking lot trying to get out was an adventure in itself!
I will try to upload a video or two.... we shall see!

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