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Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Routines

One of the important things is to get a new routine down.

I decided to take the Dup for a walk every single day. That lasted three days until it rained for like a week straight. Sigh. We will keep trying.

Then my mom and brother came to visit which I loved. We spent time together, went to the beach and they kept the Dup company when I went to work. 

Anytime I go to the beach on base I collect shark teeth and I have a small jar I keep them in. My mom and I were finding a lot since high tide was going out and Stefan was skim boarding. Suddenly Stefan goes, "I found one!" And I kind of went into typical big sister mode as he came over an expected to see a shell or a really small one. Nope. Kid had me ├╝ber beat. This was hands down the biggest one I've seen on the beach and it just hit him in the leg when a wave came in. Lesson learned. 

After awhile Stefan convinced me to try he skimboard. I did not die or hurt myself! i was pretty proud.

We also went to one of my happy places for dinner, Buddy's! I got my usual crab legs and a corona with plenty of fries and corn nuggets. 

I still sometimes forget just how old my brother is getting. I'm ten years older than him and now that he is nearing adulthood it still baffles me sometimes. Especially when we were walking on the beach and he asked me how I was doing with this deployment and if it was different from last time. He's awesome. 

I also got to hang out with my friend Donna and explore this store 2nd & Charles for the first time. You can buy used DVDs, books, CDs and games and also sell them back. It's like heaven for nerds. Especially for Whovians...

I got myself some TARDIS knee socks ;)

Otherwise I'm reading a lot, watching movies over from the library and occasionally treating myself to Cook Out when I need it. Crazy Stupid Love, the Dup and burgers. Not bad. 

 But I live for text messages ala wifi from Ryan and getting to FaceTime. That's definitely something we did not have last deployment!!

Him: Why didn't you tell me my nose is so huge?!
Me: It's not!
Him: Yes it is! Look!

Sigh. I miss him so much. 


  1. It sounds like you're keeping yourself gainfully employed :-) Hopefully the time passes fast for you.

  2. Cool shark teeth! I tried skim boarding once and I could barely stand up for 3 seconds before losing balance. It just wasn't my thing I guess.

  3. You are one busy lady! Yay for family visits! And FaceTime. Hope next week is as awesome as this one was!

  4. Cool shark teeth!

    Getting into a routine is the hardest part. Thats awesome your going for walks every day. Routine and a great work out!

  5. Hi there! I see you collected some sharks teeth and tried the skim board...pretty cool..what's the difference between that and boogie boarding? if it is staying in the shallow end of the water I will def. try the skim board... anyway...I am just checking out blogs, and seeing how everyone is doing! I am not new but been around and now I am following you on BlogLovin from www.armytankerswife.com feel free to stop by sometime and check me out! C

  6. Hi allie, i found your blog on friday via pinterest( the funny twisty bun curl fail). And something just caught my interest in that post, i have been reading your blog now sinve friday afternoon. And finally finished. You and your family are amazimg people.:) i was an army wofe.. but unfortunately my ex hisband was not able to keep his comitment to his country... lots of awols and even then i thought he would shape up and be a husband and father.. i was wrong
    But reading your stiry, and that of your mother gives me hope that there relly are good men out there. I just have to stick it outit is just me and my babies for now( girl and boy. Look forward to your blogs:) I once apon a time decided to have a blog and failed:) but you habe inspired me to try again.


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