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Friday, March 22, 2013

DWMM: Favorite Friendship

Day 22: Favorite Friendship

I am tempted to say the Tenth Doctor and Donna, but I have done a LOT of them in this link up. So I am going to mix it up and say...

Amy and Vincent Van Gogh!

 This is hands down one of my most favorite episodes of Doctor Who. I know Vincent was semi in love with Amy, but they had a beautiful friendship that I cannot deny! Yes, their children would have been the ultimate gingers, but I love how strongly they reacted to one another without being romantic. It almost seemed jokingly to me, Vincent knew Amy's heart belonged to someone (even if she couldn't remember) and they could laugh about it.

The scene where the Doctor breaks his rules and brings Vincent to the museum to hear the curator praise his work literally had me in tears. It was such a beautiful moment.

Picture Source
Van Gogh
: Oh Amy, I hear the song of your sadness. You've lost someone I think. Amy: I'm not sad. Van Gogh: Then why are you crying? It's all right. I understand. Amy: I'm not sure I do.

Amy was determined to make a difference and try and save Vincent and it broke my heart when she couldn't. But as the first picture I posted shows, even though she couldn't change history she did make a difference.
What is your favorite friendship? Link up!


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