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Saturday, March 23, 2013

DWMM: Favorite Spin-off

Day 23: Favorite Doctor Who Spin-Off

To be honest, I only watched part of one spin-off and I didn't get too into it.

And that would be Torchwood. Which is an anagram for Doctor Who by the way ;)

It is definitely Doctor Who's sexier, gorier and darker sibling. As much as I love Captain Jack Harkness I cannot get into it as much as Doctor Who. Ryan and I watched maybe three episodes. Maybe if the Sarah Jane Chronicles ever come on Netflix I will try watching it, but so far the spin-offs do not wow me like the Doctor does!

Do you watch Torchwood or any other spin-offs? Link up and let us know!

Also, today I guest blogged for one of my best blogging friends. It is a post that appeared on my blog before and I wanted to use it again. It was tough to write but if it even helps on person it was worth writing. You can read it here at A Boy, A Girl and the Marine Corps.


  1. I like the first few seasons of Torchwood the best. The last miniseries that aired on Starz fell kind of flat.

  2. I haven't but I would like to try Torchwood to see if I would like it.


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