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Thursday, March 21, 2013

DWMM: Favorite Couple

Day 21: Favorite Couple

This one was hard for me. I love two couples for very different reasons. I love Ten and Rose because I thought their relationship was awesome. I really loved how they worked together and complimented one another. I cried during Doomsday. But... one couple proved their love over and over again in a way I cannot ignore.

Amy and Rory. They really and truly loved each other and time and time again they sacrificed everything to be together. They became family to the Doctor and in the end I sobbed like a baby when it was time for their goodbye. All companions eventually leave, theirs did hit me hard. I loved their bond. I thought they were hysterical at times and I saw an incredible and believable love there. So, Rory and Amy win.

Who is your favorite couple?


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