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Monday, March 11, 2013

DWMM Days 9, 10, 11

Day 09: Favorite Master

Well, because I have only watched the new series my favorite Master, by default, is the only one I have seen. He is really good at the part though!

Day 10: Saddest Episode

I have two episodes that made me sob... literally sob. One hit me very early on in the series in the first season, and that was the episode Father's Day. I was literally on the couch crying my eyes out as I watched it and my husband thought I was slightly insane. It is one of those episodes I think a lot of people can relate to. If you could really time travel and go and be with your father so he did not have to die alone most people would. And most people would be tempted to change fate regardless of the consequences.

Then the most recent sob fest, again literally sobbing, was The Angels Take Manhattan. Any episode that says goodbye to a companion or Doctor is hard, but seeing Amy and Rory go through what they did broke my heart. The Eleventh Doctor was so close with these two, they were literally family. Amy was the first face his new face saw and that meant something huge. It also got me because Amy is terrified of the Weeping Angels... in the hotel episode when they were trapped and the rooms contained her biggest fears she faced the Angels. She once walked blind through a forest of Angels and even had one trapped inside her mind... yet she willingly let one get her so she could spend her life with Rory. Sobs.

This last picture was actually taken on set when the cast received their Angels Take Manhattan scripts and Matt Smith burst into tears seeing what would happen to Amy and Rory and knowing he had to say goodbye. Like I said, I sobbed.

Day 11: Funniest Episode

There are tons of episodes that have funny parts, but to think of an overall funny episode was hard for me. Eventually I settled on Let's Kill Hitler, because let's face it, the title alone is awesome. There are some of the best one liners in this episode and some amazing things do happen as well.

Rory: Is anybody else finding today just a bit difficult? I'm getting a sort of banging in my head.
Amy Pond: Yeah, I think that's Hitler in the cupboard.
Rory: That's not helping...

Let's see some of your Doctor favorites! Join in our link up!

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