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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Whirlwind Rush!

Things have been going so fast and slow all at once. Last weekend I actually went down to DC with my friend Dell and saved Ryan a trip. Dell's aunt gave her a timeshare for the weekend so Ryan, Dell, and her boyfriend Janos and I were there for a few days. It was really nice, I got to cook for us one night and Ryan and I went to Shamrock Fest in the pouring rain!

Ryan came here this weekend and we actually relaxed. Most things for the wedding are done (for now!). We did some last minute invite things (people keep adding other people last minute!) and just had some time for us to unwind and enjoy the gorgeous weather. We got free Ritas yesterday and went on a hike to Round Valley with my dad, brother Stefan, and his friend Chris. It was gorgeous and Ryan and I managed to get away on our own for a bit and just enjoy hiking through the woods. Of course with him that mean climbing off the trails but it was still fun!

All I have left to do for the wedding is find a make up artist (possibly to do hair and make up for bridesmaids too, my hair is covered) and just book a shuttle to get guests back to the hotel post-reception... once I get a number of how many need it!

40 days!

On a separate note, many people connected to my blog or blogs I read are also girlfriends/fiances/wives in the military. One such blogger suffered a tragic loss this past week and I'd like you all to pray for Mrs. P at "A Little Pink in a World of Camo" and her infant daughter Ariana. Mrs. P's husband was killed in Afghanistan and she received the knock at the door every one of is is terrified will happen. God Bless them.

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