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Monday, March 22, 2010


I don't want to go crazy and over share on the internet but some things have really been upsetting me. My mom and Ryan's mom keep going back and forth over things, mainly their dresses. My mom tells me one thing was said, Ryan's mom tells him something else, and we have two conflicting stories that we're in the middle of! Of course we each want to side with our own mothers but it is really wearing me down. I just don't want anything to do with it anymore. Let them figure it out.

Then my mom wanted to have a small brunch (like bagels or something) for any out of town guests and us before we leave. Well Ryan wants to leave immediately after the reception (and even leave early! it is a four hour party, why leave early?!) and skip the brunch. My parents are paying for the wedding, why can't we just have a bagel with them before we leave? It is just becoming more trouble than it is worth.

The somehow Ryan's family stumbled on my mom's blog and found offense in something that was completely innocent. Now Ryan's mom blocked me from seeing her wall on facebook so it is just all going round and round and round and I just want to cry.

It is OUR wedding. Allie and Ryan. But lately BOTH sides are adding to the guest list and not communicating effectively and throwing Ryan and I in the middle and I am just so overwhelmed and stressed about it. Its causing Ryan and I to bicker/fight whatever you want to call it and it is just not fair. Literally crying. Awesome.

Oh, and the doctor today once again was normal. I am tired of that too :P His next idea is to take antidepressants to settle the messages telling my brain/stomach I am nauseous. I don't want to take them. If you take antidepressants when you're not depressed you become depressed and suicidal! No thank you. I can also try ginger root extract or DGL (licorice thing?) or.... acupuncture.


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  1. We spent about $400 to fly across the country for a family wedding a few years back. We weren't in the wedding party, so we weren't invited to any of the wedding party dinners, understandable, but the bride and groom left for their honeymoon the morning after the wedding. We were pissed we spent that much money and didn't even get to have one meal with them outside of the reception, especially since we hadn't seen them in a few years, and didn't get to seem them much during the event.


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