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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Karma Rollercoaster

So last week had lots of ups and downs. As you can see my last entry covered the downs. Wednesday got a little better. Firstly I got the summer camp counselor job! I will be working at Georgetown Prep day camp in Bethesda this summer from June 20-August 20, so yay for that. Then Ryan and I won a semi scan from a Bridal Show. Basically what it boiled down to we won these "fabulous prizes" from this company called Chef World. We sat through an hour of their presentation and nodded along like we were interested in their surgical steel pots and pans and we got our prizes. First is was supposed to be 20-40% off any Chef World product there that day. No thank you. Second was a $1000 grocery card/coupon that accesses up to that much money in coupons for a year. Not too bad. And our last prize is a 3 day 2 night stay, basically all inclusive, in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, or the Bahamas!

We have a year and a half and a lot of restrictions but I hope we get to take it. We'd have to pay the tax on the room and airfare and transportation to and from the airport... but the hotel, meals, drinks, and all non motorized activities are covered! So it might be worth it.

So a couple points up on the karma scale.

Still haven't found another place to live yet. We've been looking but so far no call backs or anything. It seems impossible to find an apartment that is under $1300 with utilities included, near the highway and a metro, not infested with some creepy thing, decent management, and maybe a gas stove or two parking spaces or a balcony.

Apparently it is!

We saw two decent condos but so far neither has called back. If we get a place this week Ryan goes home for Easter to South Carolina (since he has a 96) and to get his bed to bring to our place. If we don't get a place he comes here for Easter. Maybe. Easter is my favorite time in the church and originally he was coming here, but now he probably won't. I am reading Good Friday and at the Vigil Easter Saturday and it would be the first time he sees me read in church. It is pretty selfish of me to hope Ryan can come here. He needs to go home. I know that.

My parents and Stefan are in North Carolina spending a few days at their new house where Ryan and I will spend our honeymoon. So it is me home with the dog and rabbit until Wednesday. I hate having the house to myelf. It is too big and quiet and lonely.

I cried saying goodbye to Ryan tonight. I haven't done that in a long time. It is so silly to cry over two weeks. Maybe big empty house syndrome added to that. We had a great weekend together. I cannot wait until we can see one another every day. I can wake up next to him and go to sleep next to him. I can't wait to be sick of him since I am seeing so much! It still seems so far away...

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