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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Hunt

Target: An apartment/condo in the DC/VA metro area that is ~$1200 or less a month... hopefully. Utilities included! Near a metro and the highway.

Wants but not needs: Gas stove, balcony, decent square footage. 2 parking spaces.

Definites: No mice, roaches, cave crickets (*read apartmentratings.com and be surprised*!), spiders, rats or other infestations. Safe area. Decent management. Military clause in lease.

Odds: Medium-Low

Time Frame: Basically we want to be moved in before the wedding. Maximum 3 weeks.

Websites scanned: Hundreds. Frequent visitor of apartmentshowcase.com, apartmentratings.com, rent.com, militarybyowner.com, googlemaps and more.

Feelings: Frustrated and a smidgen of hopeless.



  1. Ooh, I feel for you! We were very fortunate when we were last looking for an apartment to know someone who lived where we currently live (and turns out they live across the hall). Now that I'm moving in to a friend's house, I hope never to have to apartment-hunt again. I can't imagine apartment hunting in the DC area!

  2. www.padfinder.com

  3. www.padmapper.com

  4. don't forget, most people only leave reviews if they have problems...people usually don't put good experiences online! good luck! and what the hell are cave crickets?!

  5. True, but we found a place! And it had good reviews!!


    That is a cave cricket! It's GROSS. And of course wikipedia has some lovely information on them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhaphidophoridae


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