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Friday, October 23, 2009

Allie = Wimp

So a big group of people from work really wanted to go to Universal Studios tonight for Haunted Horror Nights. I am a wimp. Totally. I will admit it fully without a problem. I said no, declined, said no, fought it, and then found myself in a car on my way there somehow. Ugh. It was a huge group of people and I got sort of in on the excitement but as we got closer I realized what the hell I was getting myself into. It is all based on scary movies this year, 'Ripped from the Silver Screen'. So Chucky, Saw, Dracula, Wolfman... etc. Did I mention I hate scary movies?

So we walk through Universal City Walk toward the entrance to the park, and I freeze. I couldn't do it. I saw people walking outside in like a bizarre bellboy/girl (like old school movie ushers) dead people make up and outfits. Plus a giant movie screen with scary movie stuff playing... and I can't do it. I found myself shaking and nearly hyperventilating. Don and Christine weren't thrilled about going either so the three of us backed out last second and just hung out at City Walk for an hour or so and then came home. So glad about that decision. We found a map and saw to get to any of the FOUR (yea, four) rides that were open you had to at least go to one scare zone. It was mainly about haunted houses, not my thing.

I have to say, after being in the cleanliness and magicalness of Disney, Universal seems so skanky in comparison! And with the clubs in the area and the drunk people going around and the look of everything... I am biased, but I like Disney much better.

The last time I went to a Haunted House was in high school. We did a haunted hay ride which freaked me out, then we had to go through a corn maze to get to the haunted house. I didn't know the corn maze was haunted. So when things and things with chainsaws started chasing me I started running, even through the walls and out to the outside. There I had an asthma attack and had to be put on oxygen. THAT was fun. But I didn't have to go in the Haunted House!

We're going back to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party tomorrow. MUCH more my speed!


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  1. haha! I did the universal halloween stuff last year. I had HIGH expectations but was very disappointed! I'm ready to go back to Disney!


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