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Thursday, December 11, 2014


Last night my first pet, our family dog, Princess Diana XII aka Dippy crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was my mom's birthday gift 13 years ago and has been an important family member ever since. I remember they got her when I was away at sleep away camp and they were going to surprise me with the fact that she was already home and waiting for us... but my brother Stefan was about four and couldn't keep his mouth shut! We were barely in the car five minutes and he whispered, "Allie... Allie... we got a dog!" When I got home the cutest, fluffy ball of fur was waiting, she looked like a little teddy bear.
Puppy Dippy... she was so tiny! I was about 14.
She was a perfect family dog. She was endlessly patient with my brother who would tug on her tail and climb all over her like little boys do. She had tons of energy to run around in the backyard. She was good on guard, letting us know when deer were in the yard. I had many nicknames for her... none of us ever called her Princess or her full name of Princess Diana, that was all my mom's doing by the way, her birthday present her name choice. At the time I told her she officially ruined my chances with Prince William and Prince Harry since I could never casually mention my mom named our dog after their mother..... sigh. So yes, many nicknames... Dippy being the most common. Others were Dip, Dipster, Diana Marie Jones, Diana Suzanna from Louisiana and Doo Da Bee.
My high school graduation day... man I look awkward
She loved people and hated stairs. Our house was a split level, so essentially you came in the front door and could go up stairs to the main part of the house or down stairs to the family room and extra kitchen. Dippy never went down those stairs, even as a puppy. Especially after the mean trainer tried to drag her down. She would stand at the top of the stairs and cry, wagging her whole body. As a puppy she would pee from excitement so we'd usually put her on the deck when we knew people were coming. She'd also bring you a toy... or the remote or a shoe or whatever she could reach. We used to joke that if someone broke in she'd bring them the silverware.
"Family photo"
As she got older, she calmed down a bit. She would sneak onto the couch when we weren't home and hop down as soon as she heard the garage door open. As she got older she stopped caring if we caught her and would leisurely stretch and take her time getting off the couch after she was caught.
Every Christmas she would shred our wrapping paper to bits, she never ate it, just tore it up!
When my parents traveled she either went with them or stayed with my grandparents, she never went to a kennel. It probably would have broken her heart! She would do ten or twelve hours in the car without batting an eyelid. At the vet she was always gentle and never flinched when they took blood or gave her a shot. The nurses and vet loved it when she came in. She always slept in the bathroom, usually right next to the toilet or bathtub where it was cool... otherwise she was inbetween all our bedrooms in the hall, right in the middle of us all. I'd get home from school and my mom would get home from work and we'd all sit on my parent's bed and have girl time and chat about the day. Dippy also slept there any time my dad was not home.
Dippy LOVED the snow
After making "puppy angels" as we called her snow art work
On my wedding day she was underfoot and loving everyone. It was fantastic. Especially with her big white bow.
My wedding day
When they moved to North Carolina her age caught up with her a bit... her golden fur became like a lion's mane. We used to tease that she was chubby but she slimmed into an old lady dog. She met her niece, our Dup Dup, and was thoroughly annoyed by her presence and barked at her a lot. But they tolerated each other!
Being bugged by her "niece" the Dup Dup
Last week she just declined. She stopped wanting to get up, wouldn't really eat or drink... and my mom knew it was time. So last night my family took her to the vet and my mom was with her as she crossed the rainbow bridge. I cried when I got the text telling me but I know she is in a better place. Even Pope Francis agrees. Rest in peace "little sister"... I miss you already.


  1. So sorry for your loss. I know what it's like to put down a family pet. It's never an easy decision.

    1. Thank you... I really appreciate that. I think we had a dog when I was a baby that passed away but this has been a first for me. I don't even live at home anymore and I was a mess!


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