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Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Decorating

Last year for Christmas we didn't really bother to decorate. I think I did our mantle, but we didn't have a tree or anything like that. Ryan returned home from Afghanistan last December and we spent Christmas in South Carolina with his family, so it seemed like added stress to get a tree and do all the large scale decorating knowing we wouldn't even be home. This year we knew we had to decorate... or at least I did. Ryan is starting his SDA/B-Billet and we actually were told he would be working through Christmas. I was bummed, especially since we initially planned to go to New Jersey, but then we found very recently he actually can take leave. We did a lot of soul searching and thinking and decided to stay home this year, just the two of us.
We had Thanksgiving at Ryan's family's house, but my family was there too, so we saw everyone in our immediate families. We also plan on driving to my parents' house for New Years since it is less of a drive than New Jersey. It was a very hard decision for me since I really treasure any time I get with my Babci and Poppy... but with Rylie I am worried about her knocking them over. Seriously. Plus it is a long drive (11 hours or so) and I don't have a lot of vacation days, especially knowing I need a week or so in the near future for my gallbladder surgery. So, stress and practicality won out and we will be spending Christmas in our own home this year. Now, onto the decorations!
Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care.... along with my Christmas village from my Babci and Poppy that I got to take some of.

Our other stockings adorn the picture window. I won the knitted ones last year and they took the place of our little cheap felt ones! I didn't have the heart to throw them away (especially the Dup Dups!) so they are incorporated elsewhere.
My nativity set... which I love so much. I also sadly broke one of the wise men this year, both his hands broke off, but nothing some super glue couldn't fix.

I have had this advent calendar for ages. It used to hang on the door to my bedroom growing up and it is now in our dining room.

Ryan got us some poinsettias and they nicely compliment our advent wreath. Ignore the fact that I still had our fall placemats on the table, they are wintery now!
And of course, an overall panorama effect. Our tree is up and decorated (now complete with star since we broke our old one two years ago) and our house even has lights up outside. Perfection.

All decorations... and fires... are Dup approved

Note: I am a bit behind blogging, as per usual, but I feel like not many people are out there reading at this point any way. It is a little disheartening. I will keep writing, even if it is just for me at this point. There used to be so much life and activity here... now I am lucky if I get a single comment on an etnry. So, if you are out there, thanks for sticking around. - A


  1. Your stockings are so cute! And I love the advent calendar. :)

  2. I am absolutely terrible at commenting, but I am reading! I read every single one of your posts. I agree, I hate how different blogging has become from what it was years ago:( Keep writing...you'll love to look back on this time in years to come! That's what I do...I blog for me now

  3. I am bad at commenting, but enjoy reading your posts. Christmas decor looks great!

  4. I love your blog, and appreciate your sharing about military life with us civilians!

  5. Your decorations are so cute! This will be my first Christmas as a married woman, and I'm excited about it. We visited my family SC for Thanksgiving, and we're spending almost this entire weekend with Dan's family doing fun Christmas stuff (they all live in Ohio too). But Dan and I are spending Christmas Eve and Christmas together, at our house. I know we'll probably add traditions over the years, but it's fun to start a few this year.


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