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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shutterfly Yearbooks

Personally, I love yearbooks. Is that weird? I used to flip through my mom's when I was little and giggle at the 70s hairstyles and short basketball shorts on the boy's team. I also own every yearbook available from middle school on, including one from my senior year of college. Sometimes I will get all nostalgic and flip through my old yearbooks, cringing at my braces and that one disasterous perm in middle school. I remember that year of tennis, track and cheerleading and rushing from class to the gym to get my picture taken. Its funny to see the heartfelt messages shoved between words and quotes, TTYL KIT HAGS! Apparently abbreviations were bigger in the 90s than I thought!

The one thing that did kind of stink was the price. Shelling out $100 plus dollars for a yearbooks was not fun when you were 12 - 17 years old. I think about all the cool stuff I could have had instead... sure my pogs and nanopets would be gone now and I do still have the yearbook, but it would have been nice to have both! And I remember being very jealous when my little brother got yearbooks from basically kindergarden on. I want a first grade yearbook! :P

That is why Shutterfly's new yearbook service is pretty convenient!

Maybe you go to a smaller high school that doesn't have a strong program/software, or maybe your a class mom for elementary school kids and younger and want to give them something special... you can contact Shutterfly for a special quote and get yearbooks for as low as $5 each! Imagine a photo yearbook filled with little Suzie or little Juniors memories from their entire 3rd grade year. You can use the design templates already in place or make your own way with the custom path. If you can make a photo book, you can make a yearbook! Choose from different yearbook themes, yearbook ideas and maybe even make an online yearbook... the choices are endless.

Then you can remember moments like this:

Behold the power of the 90s! Patterns! Colors! Bowl Cuts! The subject of this photo shall remain nameless but I am sure you can guess who ;)
(Don't kill me!)

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This is a sponsored post from Shutterfly. I was compensated for my review but the opinions expressed here are entirely my own!

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