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Friday, November 4, 2011

Oooh! Want!

Ok. Going to look very greedy and girly in this post but I cannot help it!!

I have fallen in love with these items. I need to win the lottery to get them all (:

These $98.00 Manolos I saw in a vintage shop in Old Town. And they were my size. Sigh.

This gorgeous dress from Shabby Apple

This set of poppy hair pins from Etsy

or this ring

Because I love what it represents. More people in England wear poppies in remembrance than here in America, but I've seen it. My Poppy used to give me a paper poppy pin (woah that sounds confusing) every year that his VFW would hand out. I want a slightly nicer version of that to wear in November, especially for Veteran's Day.

And basically this whole outfit would work in my book. Thanks pintrest!

I am going to drive to NJ tonight to see my mom since she is visiting there too. I haven't seen her since July, and this is officially the longest we have ever gone without visiting. The four hour drive on my own I am not looking forward to though!

And we found out last night Ryan got extended another month. Sigh. He does not graduate until April 12th instead of March 12th. So that will be 9 months living apart instead of 8. Joy. At least we get to see one another. I leave for the ball in two weeks (and he BETTER pick me up in the airport and not make me drive three hours in a rental car ALONE in an unfamiliar place after flying seven hours since he told me to fly into that particular airport....) and I cannot wait to see him again. Leave spoiled me!


  1. I love those shoes!! Oh and the outfit...darn that Pinterest for having awesome stuff lol :)

  2. LOVE the Shabby Apple dress. I could spend thousands on those dresses.

  3. Los and lots of poppys


    Okay, I know if you buy anything you'll be helping the Royal British Legion but I don't know if the Legion has a sister organisation in America...?

    Overlooking that bit, they're very pretty poppys :)


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