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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Boots and Nails

Blog loves... I need your help!

These boots/booties are ones I tried on at DSW last year. They were just a tiny bit out of my price range and I regretably left them... mistake. I cannot remember what brand they are or find them anywhere! I am sorry for the terrible cell phone quality picture, but I figured I would give this a shot. I literally left this picture on my phone all year in hopes I could find these again. They were sooooo comfortable and just adorable. Help!

In other news and awful cell phone pictures... I got my fake nails removed. I put the pink and white gels on two months before my wedding. So from March 2010 until October 2011 my nails were sanded and poked and prodded mercilessly. Manicures feel great, getting a fill does not. When someone literally sands down your nail with a little drill thing it is not known for pleasantness. My husband used to say me going to get my nails done was a luxury and I must enjoy it, soooo not the case!

So I went from these...

To these. A light pink manicure on paper thin bendy nails that are quite sore. I cannot wait until they grow back and get stronger. My nails were never terribly strong, but they were better than this.

Then at Carrie's I decided to follow the advice of a style blogger I recently started reading; love maegan and used glitter to accent my ring finger... and I like it! I am excited to try new nail polishes again, the crackle stuff and fun fall colors. I hope it lasts.... I usually mess up manicures pretty badly (my thumb smeared before I got to my car after getting them done!) so fingers crossed!

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  1. Love those boots! Not sure of the brand of those, but I went in Burlington Coat Factory today and they had some super cute ones for around $25! :)


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