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Thursday, October 6, 2011

A is for Apple and Australia

If 1% of the people posting Steve Jobs quotes right now follow the advice in that quote tomorrow, tomorrow will be his biggest innovation,

Very brilliant and innovative man, my thoughts are with his family most definitely.


Today my link up song is a blast from the past, for me! When I was 16 I had the amazing privilege to travel to Australia as a Student Ambassador with People to People.

I was with a large group of high schoolers, four teacher/guides, our Australian leader and a bus driver as we traveled from Syndey up to Cairns over the period of six weeks. It was amazing. I had the chance to see some amazing sights; the Opera House, the Outback, the Rain Forest, the Great Barrier Reef... and even a home stay for a few days where I went to an Australian high school for the day. I saw a Sugar Cane burning, Cattle branding and castration on the outback, tons of fish and sea life, held a koala, pet a kangaroo, even held a snake and a crocodile. It was such an amazing trip that I will never forget.

How does this link to my song choice?

Every morning when we got on the bus Dolly, our Australian guide, would play our "Day Song". It was to pump us up and get us singing and our energy flowing because some of our bus rides were very very early! Our song was by this Australian band called The Choir Boys and it was called Run to Paradise...

For a long time after my trip I would tear up when I heard it! But when I drove up to Jersey this weekend I had my ipod hooked into my car stereo (I LOVE that I can do that!) and this came on so I totally rocked out on 95.

I also may or may not have forgotten my windows were open and was blasting Defying Gravity from Wicked when I hit some traffic... and I was singing very loudly. And I am NOT known for my singing.... the guy in the car next to me was laughing. Oops!



  1. Hi! I'm Nicole from Romanian Princess. I love your blog. I'm your newest follower, I would LOVE it if you'd follow me back!


    XoXo Nicole Mariana

  2. Sounds like an amazing trip! I want to go to Australia one day!


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