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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oops, Hello Blog!

So when your mother calls you and says, "Allie you haven't updated your blog since Friday. You are being a slacker blogger!" you know that you're a bit behind. Properly chastized indeed! So here I am filling you all in on the past few days so my mom doesn't drive down here from Jersey and ground me for a lacking of blogging!

Friday apparently was the last time I blogged... since then Ryan and I have been spending a lot of quality time together before he goes to school. He has leave so he has been doing a lot of errands around the house and such and nights and weekends we do as much as we can! Friday we dragged a whole bunch of neighbors out in front of our building. It was literall 105 degrees, even when the sun went down, but we had wine and beer and liquor flowing so it was a blast! The dogs were out, people were chatting, cigars may have been lit, we had so much fun.

Saturday we slept in (finally for me!) and then went with our neighbor Adam to the indoor shooting range. We had about a two hour wait and once we got in there it was BOILING. Apprarently the fan or the AC was not functioning, so we literally had sweat pouring off of us. Icky. I was so hot I honestly had a hard time aiming, I did much better in March when it was cold! :P

When we got home I made Ryan these amazing grilled cheese jalepeno sandwiches that I borrowed from another blogger and he liked it so much he asked me to make them for his going away party on Saturday! Done deal my love. I am also making cheesey cornbread ala secret family recipe since I love you so.

Sunday was church, IHOP (tradition!) and then we went and saw Friends with Benefits. Hilarious at times, predictable at others.

Monday we hung out at the apartment, watched season 6 of Weeds on Netflix, then went and finally regsitered me at our church. We'd been going since January but we thought we were leaving, now knowing we, well I, have 8 months left I might as well.

Yesterday we had a delicious steak dinner, curtosey of my husband and George Foreman. It was so nice out we decided to walk down the street to King St and get some ice cream at Pops. We sat down at the waterfront and enjoyed that. Going back Ryan realized he had never ridden the free trolley, so on we went!

We snagged a seat and Ryan had his arm around me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. The old lady behind us smacked his arm saying, "Stop that!" It was hilarious, she was joking around so it wasn't creepy I promise. I said, "I can't take him anywhere." to which Ryan looked quite affronted as the woman offered to call security! :P

We got off the trolley at our favorite bar Murphy's where they were having TRIVIA NIGHT. I was pretty stoked. I love pub trivia nights, even did one at my bachelorette day! We didn't win and ended up being out way too late for me (since I do have work in the mornings)so I was totally dragging today!

Tonight I am going to see JOSH GROBAN! So so so excited.

Tomorrow Ryan and I are going to Busch Gardens, gotta love places that let military in for free!

Notice how I am being upbeat? Trying not to panic that he is leaving in about four days? Yea... we'll pretend that is really working!


  1. Sounds like you guys have been soaking up your time together!! Make sure to take lots of pictures!! We're here for you lady!

  2. Sounds like ya'll are having so much fun :) good for you two!!! It will all be okay my dear.


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