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Friday, July 22, 2011

Part of the life...

While sitting at work today, frustrated because the phone won't stop ringing and it feels like 118 degrees outside (according to the weather channel) and other things, I was reading through my many blogs when I saw one of those entries that makes your breath catch and your heart hurt. It was actually posted on another blog I read.

So I diverted my phone and sat at my desk reading this entry with tears in my eyes and a huge lump in my throat.

Please head over to The Dudley Family's blog and leave some kind words on her entry
Three Knocks at the Door. Please send a prayer up tonight for SSgt Thomas Dudley who has paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, two weeks before he was due home from his sixth deployment. Please also pray for his wife and children.

It is a scary part of military wife that we all know can happen. It just takes your breath away and makes you want to hug your husband a little tighter tonight.

I may be extra emotional with Ryan's departure for school in just over a week, (Sunday will be a week). I did cry lying next to him in bed last night saying ridiculous things like "Who will block the air conditioner for me? And get the get its (bugs, since I usually point and yell Get it!)? And make sure I don't eat sandwiches for dinner?" I had serious ones too but he started trying to make me laugh and I was just a teary snotty mess. Sigh. Reality is sinking in that in nine days my husband is leaving for eight months to go 3000 miles away.

I know it is not a deployment.
I know he will be safe.
I know we can talk a lot. Or skype.

But damnit I am still going to miss him. A lot. I got uber spoiled having him around on a daily basis for a whole year. I was lucky and I know it. I don't care if people scoff because he is in school and the choice we made (which is our decision and it is logical and best for us financially and for him to study and train) but Ryan is still not going to be there. Our apartment will be emptier and I am going to miss him like crazy. I will cry, I know I will, and it will be lonely.


I am so all over the place this afternoon.

Stay cool my friends.


  1. I'm sorry that you have to be separated from your hubby! I'm going through the same thing right now. My hubbs has been away training since January. It sucks, but it makes your time together so much more special.

  2. So sorry about the upcoming separation :( Be strong girl. And just think you have the rest of your lives together, and you will appreciate that time so much more when it's over.

  3. Awww hun, I know exactly how you feel. Even though my hubby was only for 2 1/2 wks I stilled miss the love of my life like crazy. Because just like you I have been spoiled & had him wife me for a year too.

  4. {{{hugs}}} You need to get a plexi glass ac diverter so the air doesn't blow right on your bed.....you need to get a big a** fly swatter for get its and a big 'ole can of bug spray....and you need to tell yourself everyday that your man is learning employment/life skills, training hard and you are holding down base camp....you can always come see us for a long weekend....and kidnap a friend to drive with you. Chin up.... women carry and grow babies longer than he'll be away. Love you

  5. we've been hearing about the heat over there. sounds awful! thinking of you...no separation is easy, even if it isn't a deployment!

  6. Cute, cute blog! And sorry about the parting. :(
    Much love!

  7. I'm in the same boat - stuck in DC while husband is at school for the next 6 months halfway across the country, then he moves to the other coast for 9 months. When he left I cried just as much as I did when he deployed (on the bright side that did get me a gate pass at BWI). Will you get a chance to visit him?


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