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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Catch Up and Cupcakes

Those little beauties arrived at the office today as a gift from corporate for Administrative Professionals Day! We also got some chocolate on chocolate ones to go with the red velvet. Sweet. I looooove red velvet cupcakes!

Easter was nice, sadly I forgot my camera so I have ZERO pictures from our first married Easter. Sigh.

It took us six hours to drive up to NJ, when it should have only taken three and a half! When you and your husband spend that much time in the car, you learn things. Like my husband knows all the words to Love Shack. I mean, every single word. I was slightly impressed and intimidated all at once!!

Saturday Ryan took my brother for a rousing five mile run while my best friend Sam and I had girl time at the hair salon and lunch. I got some subtle highlights for spring and summer, the last time I got them was a week before my wedding! They've lasted that long with no problem so maybe I can get them again at this time next year. :P

We went to mass Saturday night after a big turkey dinner care of my Dad. Sunday we did our traditional Easter basket hunt. My family makes you work for your basket! We wake up with an egg, and in that egg is a clue. That clue leads you to your next egg and another clue and so on until you find your basket. Instead of three separate hunts this year my dad the Easter Bunny had Stefan, Ryan and I work together. Our eggs were very difficult to find, including in our pool liner, a hollow tree, Stefan's rabbit cage, and the mailbox of the farm store down the street before we found them in my Dad's trunk. Whew. I got Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on DVD, some black licorice jelly beans, chocolate, and other little fun goodies.

Easter Dinner was at my Babci's and Poppy's with the family, most of whom were surprised we were there. Ryan and I also walked over to my brothers' house since it is so close to my grandparents now. I loved being able to see my family and stuff myself with Polish food!

Monday my mom was off so she and Ryan and I had a long talk out on the deck before we went and got my brother from school and went for a late lunch. After that it was rush hour so we went to the park to hang out. I watched Ryan and Stefan act like kids, climbing trees and kicking the soccer ball around... it was cute (:

Around 7:30 we at last packed up the car and made our way back to VA. My parents are moving from NJ to NC this summer, and I know my visits to my childhood home are numbered. I definitely cried from my house to the highway, and Ryan just passed me a tissue and told me some jokes to calm me down a little (:

We played word games in the car like the alphabet category game. Our first category was fruits/flowers. I did A for Apple, Ryan did B for Banana, I did C for cornflowers etc. Then at the end of the alphabet we swtiched letters so he was A I was B... we did fruits/flowers, Cities with their States, Cars and Colors, and Boy/Girl names. Man I love my husband!

I cannot believe Sunday will be our first wedding anniversary! What was I doing at this time last year? April 27, 2010... apparently I was making goody bags for out of town guests, baskets for the bathrooms, and doing my Wedding Weather Updates! At this point it was saying there was a chance of thunderstorms and it would be 85! Luckily it was a beautiful day, sunny and upper 70s, but I was panicking then!

I ordered Ryan's present yesterday so I am hoping it gets here in time! We both went traditional and got 'paper' presents. In case Mr. Snoopy comes on here I won't post what I got him yet, but I'll tell you all Monday!

We have the top of our wedding cake in the freezer... I have some more planning to do, but stay tuned!

PS - We're still pending, just in case you thought I may be holding out on you!


  1. I got a target gift card from my boss today :) I certainly felt special! That sounds like such a nice easter, we didn't get baskets but we had a family dinner.

    Since obviously you have plans this weekend ;) we need to see each other!

  2. I love the way your family makes you find your Easter Basket! It's like an egg-hunt & basket all in one =)

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Car games are awesome :)

    btw I am totally stealing the basket hunt thing for next year!


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