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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Showers

Northern Virginia has been nothing but rain the past few weeks. We have those rare days where it is sunny and warm but then it rains for a few more days and gets a little chilly. Now I don't mean to be complaining about the weather, I know we have it pretty good, but does anyone else feel like they have been waiting for Spring a little longer than normal this year?

What it boils down to I think is that I am tired of being cold.

All winter I have just been cold. At work the heat doesn't flow where I sit, so Sarah and I shared a space heater. I wore long underwear and socks with my heels. Seriously. By the time my car heats up I am at my destination. My apartment gets overheated due to living right above the boiler room so we had windows open or the airconditioner running all winter. I am tired of layers and jackets and shivering. I am ready to step outside of my apartment and be hit with warm air and sunshine.

The DC area is fickle. It will be cold for ages, then a week of "nice" weather, then hot. Then it will be hot for a looong time. Then there will be one more week of "nice" and then back into the cold. There is no equal spread of seasons. Spring and Fall get bled in with Summer and Winter. And it gets annoying.

When I was younger I loved the snow. I loved playing in it and missing school and just the peaceful stillness that accompanied it. Now you know once you're an adult and have to go to work regardless and drive in it and scrape off your car... it becomes less mystical. We didn't even have much snow here this winter, just bitter bitter cold.

This winter was a hard one for our family. I think that may be what makes it feel so long. We encountered heavy loss, illness, uncertainty, and worries that are carrying over even into the Springtime. Losing Ryan's grandfather in January was incredibly difficult. Ryan still wishes he could talk to his Papa, ask advice on big issues in our lives, and he misses him. I miss him too. My surgery in February was a little rough, but it was something I wanted and hoped for and Ryan supported. It did make for some uncomfortable weeks though, during healing. Then this whole re-enlistment business has been over our heads like a dark cloud for months now. Attempt after attempt has fallen though. Plan A obviously stopped, but Plans B, C, D, and even E are floundering. We are still pending.

I love my husband and the support we are giving eachother is amazing. Nothing, especially not cold weather, will change that. We are keeping our faith. We are still waiting and hoping and praying every day.

I know in about two months I will be posting about how ungoldy hot I am and how I wish we could have cooler weather, but for now I am sticking to my guns. Bring it on Spring. Bring. It. On.

Can I just add (on a totally different note since this made me smile today), I really wish I could do this??? (The juggling and the travels!)


  1. I'm so ready for sunshine and warm weather! I hope you guys get some soon:)

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. In Hampton Roads, VA it was 90 degrees the other day...and about 50 today. UGH! I just wish the weather would pick a season down here!

  3. We live in Coastal Georgia...and enjoying the gorgeous warm weather! I think snow is gorgeous...but admit, that I LOVE warm temperatures...actually love it hot! When I am comfy..everyone else says they are sweating! :o)

    I love that video!!! I agree! How amazing would it be to juggle...and especially TRAVEL! Will have to share this video with our kids!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    ...stopping by from the MWRU...hope you get a chance to visit my place :o)


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