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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Can I just say, I am so happy!

Literally this weekend I had this bubble in my chest that resulted in random giggling abd big smiles and me smacking my husband's arm in pure excitement. Yes, I am a dork.

We're in such a good place right now. Even with Ryan's re-enlistment still pending, we're happy. The weather is starting to get warmer too, which makes everything better! Saturday we went to get my car back from the shop after getting the body work done from my car accident this past fall. But... my car was making a funny noise. It was running really rough and I got nervous! I needed my car back to get to work and to get to the doctor Tuesday! The only engine thing they did was an oil change so we got the body shop to refun the oil change and drove to Jiffy Lube. Anytime we stopped and idled we threw the car in neutral. My bubble began to get a little deflated, what was wrong with my car? Wrong oil?? Something?

We finally get to Jiffy Lube, the guy Sal looks at it for two seconds and sees my PCV valve got knocked off. The person changing my oil last must have done it. He gave us a new hose, for free, and put it on for us. Ryan slipped him $10 for being so awesome and my bubble re-inflated fully!

After we tried to make it to the Old Town Saint Patrick's Day parade but we're too late. So we settled in at an Irish pub with this super sweet woman who actually works at Walter Reed as a psychotherapist and was willing to share the table! She was so sweet and we had a great conversation. After Ryan and I walked to the Torpedo Factory and walked around for a bit. At home we had a quick dinner and then went to my favorite bar, Nick's. Nick's is a country bar, they offer free line dancing lessons if you get there early enough (some day we will!) and usually have live music.

I couldn't really drink since I was still on antibiotics from surgery but Ryan and I had a blast. He forced me to do kareoke (NEVER. AGAIN.) and we sang Picture by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow. Oy. Then I made him dance with me. Nick's has a lot of people, old and young, and sometimes watching the older couples on the dance floor is so intimidating. They know what dance to do with EVERY song! Man I need to learn!

Sunday was pouring rain but we ventured out to church, then IHOP, and then to grocery shop. Man was it raining cats and dogs, but we trudged through. After we went to the mall to get me to Nordstroms. Their bras were highly recommended to me by Sarah to go for a fitting, pricey yes, but worth it.

Standing in the dressing room I was pretty nervous. The woman had me take even my surgical bra off to get fitted and I was worried I was going to freak her out with my stitches (I have a lot!). But she was wonderful. She measured me and gave me bras to try on.

And I cried.

I stood in the dressing room looking at myself in a three way mirror with tears rolling down my cheeks.

I was wearing a 36C for the first time since I was 14 years old.

Yes, tears of joy!

I tried on a few pretty bras that Ryan had me get (the fitter had me show him since I was so excited) and I cannot wait to hit the six week mark so I can wear them.

I am happy.

I am healing. My back doesn't hurt. I am standing up straight.

I have a wonderful husband I love more than anything. We are close to our one year anniversary!

My car is fine and back in business! No more climbing over the console from the passenger side to get in the car.

It is getting warmer.

Work is good.

I love where we live.

I am so happy.


  1. This is all great news! It's amazing the perspective we can have when we just take a moment to pause and look at all the good that is going on around us. You are lovely! MademoiselleMichael

  2. Aaaw your happiness is contagious, you made me smile!! Happy for you!!

  3. Awhhhh, you are making me happy just by reading this :) I am all smiles!

  4. I want your little happiness bubble! :) So happy for you!

  5. Such wonderful news! Your happiness is contagious. Keep it up!

  6. This is such an awesome post! So happy to hear your surgery went well... let's meet up one day soon, since yesterday didn't work out. Yay for being happy! <3

  7. Aww that is excellent! I love this post, I think I started to cry happy tears for you by the end! haha Have a good day darling!

  8. Comin' at ya from MilSpouse Round Up!

  9. What a wonderfully happy uplifting post! Sounds like everything is going so well for you. Woo hoo! Good for you!

  10. im so happy for you! glad to see you are doing well with everything. i hope you have a wonderful day :)


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